How To Watch The Glory? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch The Glory? Streaming Guide
(Credits: Netflix)

The creators of Strangers and The Heirs bring you a masterpiece with a central theme of Revenge. Titled “The Glory,” the story of this show revolves around Moon Dong-eun, who patiently waits for years to find the perfect time to carry out her vengeance for the bullying she had endured in High School.

The show is anything but an ordinary revenge show, and once you see the promising trailer, you’ll understand that there’s more to Moon Dong-eun than one would assume. With writers like Kim Eun-sook behind the series, we can expect The Glory to be a hit, as she’s also the writer behind Mr. Sunshine, Descendants Of The Sun, and many more hit dramas.

The main protagonists of this thrilling drama are set to be portrayed by Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Do-Hyun. This will be the first time we’ll be seeing Song Hye-kyo in such a distinct role, as her previous shows had very different themes. The Glory will be a thriller and suspense drama with a touch of murder and mystery.

Production for this show began in early 2021 and is said to be produced by Hwa&Dam Pictures along with Netflix. It will be released in two parts, and wherein each part will consist of about eight episodes.

How To Watch The Glory? Streaming Guide
Song Hye-kyo will be acting as the Protagonist, Moon Dong-eun (Credits: Netflix)

The Glory: All About The Cast

Most of the cast members of The Glory are well-known actors with a history of being part of hit dramas. Song Hye-Kyo will be playing the role of Moon Dong-eun, a vengeful victim of school bullying who has decided to bring the downfall of everyone involved in her past trauma.

Song Hye-kyo began acting in the year 1996 when she was just 14 years old. Her work includes movies like Countdown and My Brilliant Life and television shows such as Encounter (2018), Full House (2004), and All In (2003).

Her partner in crime will be Jun Yeo-Jeong, played by Lee Do-Hyun. Jun Yeo-Jeong finds Dong-eun and resonates with her feelings of Revenge, and decides to lend a helping hand.

Lee Do-hyun has been a part of shows like Hotel Del Luna, Melancholia, and Beyond Evil, to name a few. He started acting in 2017 and has since won many awards for his various roles.

How To Watch The Glory? Streaming Guide
Lee Do-hyun as Jun Yeo-jeong

Other cast members include Lim Ji-yeon as Park Yeon-jin (One of the bullies), Yeom Hye-ran will be playing the role of Kang Hyeon-nam, and Park Sung-hoon will be Jeon Jae Joon. The rest of the actors we’ll be seeing on the show are Jung Sung-il, Cha Joo-young, Kim Hi-eora, and Kim Gun-woo.

The Glory Season 1: A Look Into The Plot

A young Moon Dong-eun would be considered a good student by anyone who had ambitions of being a well-known architect someday. Her life is turned into a nightmare when her classmates start bullying her. It gets severe enough to the point that she loses all hope in life.

She hangs onto the feeling and buries the dark feeling deep within her heart. Years pass, and Dong-eun is now a homeroom teacher who teaches primary school kids. The bullies, too, had grown up, gotten married, and had kids of their own. They send their kids to the same school Dong-eun is a teacher at. This gives Dong-eun a way to carry out her Revenge on the seemingly unaware bullies.

Moon Dong-eun comes across Jun Yeo-Jeong, and both soon start working together. Through the trailer, it’s apparent that Yeo-Jeong will be the right-hand man for Dong-eun and will make the killings for her.

Although many similar themed dramas exist out there, The Glory has a much more complex and dark tale, with retribution being carried out through unique ways. It will be interesting to see how writer Kim Eun-sook will portray such intense feelings in a 16-episode-long show.

The Glory Season 1: Release Date

This Ahn Gil-ho drama will release all its Season 1 episodes on December 30th, 2022. The Glory will be airing in two parts or seasons, with the first season premiering this Friday. Each episode will have a run-time of 60-65 minutes.

The Glory Season 1: Episode Guide

The first season of The Glory has been ordered for around eight episodes by Netflix, which will all be released on the same day. The rest of the eight episodes will be aired in March 2023. It will have a total of 16 episodes by the end of season 2. 

How To Watch The Glory? Streaming Guide
(Credits: Netflix)

The Glory Season 1: Streaming Guide

Being produced by Netflix, The Glory will be available to stream on the platform at around 2:00 am ET & 1:00 am CT (US). The timings of the release for other places will be:

  • Australia: 6:00 pm, Friday
  • United Kingdom: 7:00 am, Friday
  • India: 12:30 pm, Friday
  • Pakistan: 12:00 pm, Friday
  • Japan: 4:00 pm, Friday
  • Korea: 4:00 pm, Friday
  • Canada: 2:00 am, Friday

The timings could vary slightly, but the episodes will show up on the website anytime on December 30th, 2022. So head over to Netflix to witness the one-of-a-kind take of vengeance.

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