NCIS New Orleans Filming Locations: The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Fans

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NCIS New Orleans
NCIS New Orleans Credits: CBS

The hit television series NCIS: New Orleans has been engaging the masses for seven seasons now. A major piece of its attraction is its amazing filming locations. The show, which follows the investigations of the New Orleans-based Maritime Criminal Analytical Assistance group, has been recorded in different areas all through the city, bringing the novel appeal and character of The Big Simple to screens all over the planet.

The NCIS New Orleans is known for its investigations involving staff from the USA navy and military. The tv show has garnered a range of reviews, from mixed to favorable.

Nevertheless, the commendations mainly center on its excellent casting, which has made the attachment of a beloved franchise in a unique region feel like a natural transition. Furthermore, the show’s portrayal of modern Orleans has also been widely acclaimed.

As one of the most popular spin-offs in the NCIS franchise, NCIS: New Orleans has consistently entertained audiences with its captivating storylines and well-crafted characters. Despite the varied reviews, the show’s stellar casting has been the mainstay of its success, seamlessly weaving in fresh faces while maintaining the franchise’s essence.

NCIS: New Orleans Filming Locations

New Orleans, Louisiana

NCIS: New Orleans” is indeed filmed in the town of New Orleans. The production team has chosen to shoot the series in and around the city’s various locations, including its neighborhoods, streets, and historical sites. This has allowed them to capture the essence of New Orleans and showcase its unique culture to audiences worldwide.

New Orleans
New Orleans

One factor that adds to the show’s authenticity is the use of local actors, who add a genuine flair to the series. Additionally, the production team has gone to great lengths to recreate specific locations and landmarks that are a part of the city’s rich history.

Harahan, New Orleans

The production set of the hit television series ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ is situated in the charming suburb of Harahan, situated in New Orleans. Specifically, the interior filming of the show takes place on a soundstage situated at 719 St. Ann lane, nestled between the iconic Royal and Bourbon Street.

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Harahan New Orleans
Harahan New Orleans

The soundstage serves as the backdrop for the majority of the interior filming of the series, allowing the audience to experience the world of ‘NCIS: New Orleans through the eyes of the characters. Upon entering the building, one is transported to the realm of the popular crime drama series.

Interestingly, the building serves as the shooting site for the NCIS New Orleans head office, where pivotal scenes that add depth and intrigue to the show are shot. The building’s unique architecture and design provide the perfect setting for the show’s producers to bring their vision to life.

French Quarter, New Orleans

One of the most famous shooting areas for NCIS: New Orleans is the French Quarter, which is highlighted noticeably in numerous episodes.

The dynamic, memorable area is home to a portion of the city’s most popular landmarks, for example, Jackson Square, the St. Louis Church building, and Whisky Road. Fans of the show will perceive these areas in episodes like “Breaking Brig” and “The Assassination of Dwayne Pride.”

French Quaters
French Quarters

Mississippi River, New Orleans

One more well-known shooting location for NCIS: New Orleans is the Mississippi River, which runs directly through the middle of the city. The river is a significant area of the city’s set of experiences and culture and has been highlighted in episodes, for example, “Pandora’s Case, Part I” and “Mirror, Mirror.” Shooting on the river bank can be challenging, as the wind can be strong and the weather can be unpredictable. Yet the dazzling views make it all worth the effort.

Mississippi River
Mississippi River

Six Flags amusement park, New Orleans

One of the most memorable filming locations for NCIS is the abandoned Six Flags amusement park. This iconic site was used as the backdrop for the episode “Music to My Ears,” and it’s safe to say that it left a lasting impression on both the cast and viewers.

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Six flag amusement park
Six flag amusement park

The Six Flags amusement park had been closed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area in 2005, but it still held a certain charm that was perfect for the NCIS episode. The eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the abandoned park lent itself perfectly to the murder investigation at the music festival, and it was easy to imagine the characters sneaking around the deserted rides and attractions.

For the cast and crew of NCIS: New Orleans, shooting at the Six Flags amusement park was an unforgettable experience. The abandoned park provided a unique and memorable backdrop for the episode. It was clear that everyone involved in the production was inspired by the location.

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