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Spiderhead Ending Explained: What Happens to Steve?

Spiderhead Ending Explained: Is Steve Really Dead? In frame: Chris Hemsworth who plays Steve Abnesti. Credit: Netflix

Spiderhead is Netflix’s latest movie starring Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth. It’s a sci-fi thriller with a very interesting concept. A concept that is technologically advanced and hence a perfect movie for this century. It follows the story of Jeff, who is taken by Steve Abnesti for his “experiments”. The Spiderhead ending is quite cheeky but also gives poetic justice. But what happens to the ultimate villain, Abnesti?

Spiderhead is like Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box, but it’s more of a slow death & torture. Steve Abnesti is a mad scientist who conducts experiments with mind-altering drugs. But instead of Guinea Pigssoners on their “consent” and conducts the perfect crime in the name of doing good.

The release of this film was not too long ago, and it’s already trending on Netflix. Apart from the unique concept, its stellar cast makes this film a must-watch. And if you have not seen it yet, beware of spoilers!

What is ‘Spiderhead’ All About?

Spiderhead is the name of the space where Abnesti conducts his experiments. A state-of-the-art penitentiary that experiments on the effects of various drugs on its prisoners. In the name of reducing their sentence, Abnesti lures them into his experiment. But ironically, the experiments are a kind of self-punishment and are much worse.

All the subjects have some kind of back story and guilt over their past. And the drugs heighten all of the suppressed emotions, whether it’s guilt or sadness. Which leads to the inmates doing unfathomable things. One of the inmates, Jeff (Miles Teller) is still on his guilt trip about his past, where he kills his friend and girlfriend.

A Still from Netflix’s new thriller series ‘Spiderhead’

The drug Abnesti begins with is the N-40, also known as the ‘love drug’. Everything feels fuzzy when a person’s high on it. When Jeff is given a dose of this, he is in a floaty mood. But Steve decides to push it and puts Jeff in a room with Heather. Although they don’t find each other attractive, they end up having sex while high on N-40. The same experiment is done but with a different girl, and the same thing happens.

A deadly drug – Darkenfluxx enhances people’s negative emotions. Steve asks Jeff to choose the girl he wants to inject with Darkenfluxx. Despite refusing, the former injects Heather with a heavy dose of Darkenfluxx. And in the aftermath of the experiment, Heather kills herself. The event that brings things into perspective for Jeff.

Spiderhead Ending Explained

What happens to the evil mastermind Steve Abnesti? After releasing that, his secret experiments are no longer a secret. He kills himself by crashing his plane on a mountain. But is he really dead? The ending of Spiderhead is also ironic in a way, as Steve meets a similar fate as his subject, Heather.

After Heather kills herself because of the overdose of Darkenfluxx, Jeff finds a note that reveals a shocking truth. There is no “Protocol Committee” that Steve claimed there to be. And the experiments are done in a pharmaceutical company that is owned by Steve himself. Steve is illegally conducting personal experiments on human beings, which is a big red flag from everywhere.

The ‘MobiPak’ that Steve uses to infuse drugs on his subjects. The movie is technologically ahead.

On the other hand, Steve is planning to kill Lizzy and ultimately end her connection with Jeff. But his plan doesn’t go as smoothly as he imagined. Steve’s close associate, Mark is pretty shaken up after Heather’s death and questions Steve’s motives. He joins hands with Jeff to trick Steve and get the hell out of the lab.

Steve monitors his subjects through a large screen.

So, during Steve’s session with Lizzy, Mark spikes the former’s MobiPak and connects it to the controlling device. While Jeff confronts Steve about his “experiment” Mark is on his way to the lab with the authorities. A fight ensues, and Steve manages to escape in his plane. But since his MobiPak is full of drugs, he can not sustain it and crashes the plane on a mountain. But there is no actual scene of his death or his body. So, you never know!

The Cast of Spiderhead

Miles Teller garnered quite a fame with his latest release Top Gun: Maverick. And he is back again as Jeff but in sci-fi this time. The Marvel superstar, Greek God Thor, is seen in a different light this time. Chris Hemsworth plays the evil scientist Steve Abnesti, and the viewers love to hate him. Jurnee Smollett, Tess Haubrich, and BeBe Bettencourt play Lizzy, Heather, and Emma, respectively.

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