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Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 10: Release Date & Where To Read?

Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through
Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through

The story of “Meiou-sama ga Tooru no desu yo!” or “Make Way Meiou-sama Coming Through” starts with Lady Kamiko, a diviner, in the middle of her psychic revelations. It is revealed that a Demon King is going to plague the Earth.

This divine divulgence brings chaos, and a meeting of higher-ups of The Grineer Nation discusses the oracle of the Princess. They devise a solution to prevent the Demon from becoming the King, but it is no easy task. An arduous task awaits them. Quickly they send reinforcement to Eldera Forest.

Eldera Forest is a Monster Village, a thriving community graced with Kobold Kings, Goblins, Orcs, and Demon Pigs dwell in the forest. The Demon Master, Shu, is urgently told a gruesome report of Mages entering the thickets. With chaos and carnage plaguing humans and monsters, we learn that the human King orders a cavalry to be dispatched to the forest of Eldera.

The leaders, Lady Iris Silverbread and Zamus Schliff are to lead the cavalry of hundreds to the deep and dark woods. With a blessing from Lady Iris, they set out on the dangerous quest to the Forest of Eldera. This marks the start of a bloody battle between humans and monsters, ending the introduction. 

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Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 9: Recap 

The human cavalry has marched through the Eldera forest into the deepest part of the forest. They are aware that it is the hollow of high-ranking demons. The humans have a sinister goal: to destroy the lair and kill the King of Demons.

A plan is hatched to attack and eradicate them. The attack starts, and novice Kyle is happy about the weak demons. Easy to defeat, he submerges a weak demon pig. Blinded by the quick victory, he overthinks about the praises he will receive from Iris sensei.


Make Way Meiou Sama Coming Through Chapter 9 Still

And the man falls into the trap! A concealment trap! He is about to be killed when Senior Rubelius intervenes and saves his life. He also teaches him an invaluable lesson of never lowering the guard. Asked to evacuate immediately, the novice knight Kyle leaves with his fellow comrade. 

The senior knights are then faced with the fatal Immediate Activation spell, causing them to pass away. A fight ensues between a mighty knight Rubelius Round and the Demon Master Shu, the killer of the knights. With vengeance in mind, the formidable enemies fight to the death. Who is the victor? Well, give Chapter 9 a read. An epic battle awaits.

Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 10: Spoilers

The 10th Chapter of “Make Way Meiou-sama Coming Through” will reveal more insights into the battle. Kikuchi Nan, the author, will also shed light on the strategic development and techniques of the fights. A deeper understanding of the previous Chapter’s battle and an added layer of depth can be expected. 

Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 9 Still

Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 9 Still

As we already witness a deadly battle toward the end of the last Chapter, more details regarding the intense fight between the Demon Master and Rubelius Round be revealed. With fierce battles and a strong storyline, it is difficult to predict what may come next, but this is certain that the story is going to get better.

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Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 10: Release Date 

The release date for the next Chapter is not yet divulged. Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 10 will release on 2 March based on the schedules previously.

Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Chapter 10: Where to Read

However, you can read it online on the official website of Make Way Meiou-Sama Coming Through Corona EX. Re: Zero is a perfect watch if you are a fan of Isekai manga and anime, where you can delve into the fantastical and extraordinary world of magic. The popular anime tells the tale of Subaru Natsuki and his quest in a world unlike ours.

Hindrances and challenges pave the path for this character. Death is synonymous with Subaru, who navigates through this complex world of Re: Zero. Themes of self-discovery, letting go of a beloved one or thing, love, and responsibility are inter webbed in Re: Zero. 

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