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Hayat Bugün Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 preview
Hayat Bugün Episode 8: Release Date,

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date is here, and fans need to know more about the same. But before we dive into the Hayat Bugün Episode 8 release date and how to watch it let’s present a prime of the show’s premise to the fans. One of the older hospitals in Turkey, Hisarönü Hospital, has renowned chief surgeon Barş Güvenir on staff. One of the known hospitals in the nation, Hisarönü, is no less what it used to be.

Everything in the hospital changes when Chief Doctor Barş Güvenir arrives. Barş will strive to restore the hospital to its former glory while overcoming the challenges in his life. Barş, who garnered the admiration of his coworkers at the very same hospital, will welcome all Istanbul residents inside the hospital.

Barş will restore the hospital to its former glory with optimism, love, and tenacity. The problems in one of the reputable institutions will be the subject of the television show. There is a reputable hospital, but it treats its patients more like financial assets than following ethical and moral standards.

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 preview

Baris from Hayat Bugün.

As a result, every patient who shows it is considered a client and seen as a potential source of cash. On the operating table, it is put even when it is not required. An idealistic and ambitious doctor disagrees with this directive, though. He has been named this hospital’s chief medical officer. The hospital must be saved from this morality despite many obstacles.

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What Happened In Hayat Bugün So Far?

Barş considers how to inform Gizem regarding his cancer as he prepares the clinic for the most significant evening of the year. The director makes a stunning reappearance and declares that he will kill the senior citizens who pay for the hospital. But Barş seems to have a much better concept for using barter to settle debts!

Ali Haydar attempts to treat the father-enigmatic son’s symptoms, but all of the signs lead to a long-ago illness whose treatment is unknown! On the other hand, the argumentative Derin and Aras receive a chance to advance their relationship, but a circumstance in prison places Aras in jeopardy. Baris, who is having difficulty, will also face a significant encounter; everything will change after tonight.

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 preview

Suzan from Hayat Bugün.

There is a person in the Domino Transportation Chain named Rem who is highly crucial to Suzan, Barş, and the institution. Suzan and Rem both have to confront their pasts. Our doctors put in a lot of effort to help the victims in the domino transplantation chain recover throughout the episode. Still, if one of the contributors is unfit for transplant, they roll their sleeves to finish the cycle.

In addition to assisting Gazal, who’d been shot and went to the hospital, Aras and Derin work to mend their relationship. The people pursuing them must be escaped by Gazal & his grandfather Cihan. For Gazal, Aras places himself in danger.

Aras managed to survive the assault in the hospital, but he had to stop doing surgeries because his arm was damaged. Ali tries to make peace with his child Elçin. Meanwhile, Andaç strains to be Ceylan’s mother. Hisarönü is in for a terrible surprise at the end.

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 preview

Suzan from Hayat Bugün.

Aras struggles to accept this reality and asks his pals for just one thing; Derin, who has already felt terrible, is unaware of this. Derin, on either hand, has dedicated her life to overcome this sense of guilt, and only her drugs keep her going during her restless nights. Barş, on the other side, will begin his cancer treatment, but a street beggar child he sees with an injured foot changes his entire day.

The parents of a client who has tried to commit suicide are the subject of a much worse mystery revealed by Ali Haydar and Andaç. In the end, once all the wounds had recovered and the hospital staff had assembled for Aras’ birthday dinner, they discovered a secret: Derin & Barş’s existence is in jeopardy in two different parts of the city.

When Is The Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date?

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date is Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Hayat Bugün Episode 8 will air on Show TV at 12 am EST in Turkey.

Where to Watch Hayat Bugün Episode 8 online?

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 will be telecast on the channel times as mentioned above. At the same time, international fans have to wait for the show to become available online with English subtitles or dub, as there are no official international streaming services for the show at the moment.

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