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Is The Real Housewives Of Dubai Cast Member Caroline Stanbury Pregnant?

Is The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast Member Caroline Stanbury Pregnant? Cr: Otakukart

Caroline Stanbury, a famous British businesswoman and Reality TV personality, are concerned about her pregnancy complications. She recently opened up about her concerns and her pregnancy struggles. Caroline is best known for being a cast member of the reality TV series Ladies of London and the ongoing Bravo show, The Real Housewives of Dubai, which first aired in 2022.

Ladies of London aired from 2014-2017, in which six London-based women were seen juggling their hardworking professional jobs and social life along with their personal lives. After the show, Caroline moved ahead to start her own podcast, followed by her next accomplishment- becoming a luxury brand ambassador.

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Caroline And Sergio’s Relationship 

She married Sergio José Carrallo Pendás, the former soccer player, in Mauritius in December 2021 and has been trying to have a baby with him. Caroline met Sergio at an event for her podcast, Divorced, Not Dead. Unfortunately, the in-vitro fertilization [IVF] process hasn’t been going smoothly. In an episode of the Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Dubai, she revealed that she plans to carry the first child with Sergio.

Caroline has already suffered dangerous complications during her previous pregnancies. She has three kids from her previous marriage to Cem Habib. Her kids, Yasmine Habib, and the twins, Aaron Habib and Zac Habib, aren’t that excited about the news. They have been vocal about their hesitation in bringing this newborn step-sibling into their family.

On the show The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline and Sergio have been the focal point since they often disagree and don’t share the same goals. The couple even had disagreements about Caroline’s pregnancy before they eventually agreed on having children together. Caroline was reluctant about the matter, which has been argued to be because of the age gap between the couple. Caroline, being 46, and her husband, Sergio being only 27, have raised quite a few questions. But that was easy to ignore before they were trying to get pregnant.


Is The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast Member Caroline Stanbury Pregnant? Cr: Otakukart

Is Caroline Actually Pregnant?  

After reaching a mutual decision, Caroline is now struggling to get pregnant. She is undergoing IVF, but due to her past serious health risks, it’s getting difficult for her. Despite having one fertilized embryo, she couldn’t get an embryo that was viable, which brought another issue for her to sort through. She has been suggested by her doctor to remove all alcohol from her diet. Caroline suggested surrogacy as another path to her husband, who denied her suggestion, saying he wants their kid to actually look like them. Well, that makes things harder for the couple.

The show RHOD gives the viewers a peek into her personal life as well as her professional life. A celebrity fashion stylist and podcaster now, she is seen juggling her home life with her work. She confessed to being scared of having to do this again, getting pregnant. Furthermore, she also admitted that she knows if she doesn’t have this baby, Sergio won’t stay with her. There’s no evidence that Sergio outright threatened her with leaving, but he’s been really stubborn about having a baby with her.


Is The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast Member Caroline Stanbury Pregnant? Cr: Otakukart

Caroline Stanbury is not pregnant, but she has been trying to conceive a baby with her beloved partner, Sergio. Even though it seems as if the former soccer player has no clue how pregnancies work, he is pretty eager to have a baby. We only hope everything works out well for the couple before their relationship falls apart. There will certainly be more drama coming in the show as the couple moves forward with their trials at getting pregnant, but it will hopefully also bring the good news they are desperately waiting for.

You can catch all the new episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai on Bravo at 9 pm ET. It is also available for streaming on Peacock and Amazon Prime Video.

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