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Ghost Adventures Season 24 Episode 8 Release Date & Streaming Guide: ‘The Joshua Tree Inn’

Ghost Adventures Season 24 Episode 8 Release Date & Streaming Guide-'The Joshua Tree Inn'
Ghost Adventures Season 24 Episode 8 Release Date &Streaming Guide-'The Joshua Tree Inn'

Zak Bagans and Nick Groff are the creators of the Travel Network’s ghostly investigation and reality tv program Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff (seasons 1–10), & Aaron Goodwin play ghost hunters who explore rumored paranormal places in the television series. Bagans introduces and narrates the program. Ghost Adventures has 250 episodes, plus 50 specials, as of April 28, 2022. Ghost Adventures is among the most popular supernatural and reality show programs in America. The Ghost Adventures group gets frequent calls relating accounts of unrelenting paranormal activity that terrorizes anyone it comes into contact with.

Utilizing cutting-edge equipment, their unique, otherworldly sense, and also more than two decades of experience, Zak, Aaron, Billy, and Jay examine each case in search of data that will lead them to gain a more thorough understanding of the unexplainable event. Inspired by a Sci-Fi channel film, this paranormal program takes its contestants on ghost hunts while armed with night-vision digital cameras and recorders.

As the previous episode was full of interesting, creepy, and unexplained noises; fans are curious about the next episode’s release date, which we will discuss in this article.

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Recap Of Episode 7: Disturbed in Wickenburg

The GA Team travels back to Arizona to look into an uptick of eerily unsettling incidents. The group went to Wickenburg’s deserted Vulture Mine in 2010 at that time. Henry Wickenburg, a German adventurer who found gold in the Vulture Mine in 1863, is the title of the municipality that bears his identity. The mine is also associated with a 1923 event in which seven workers and their load mules broke into it and attempted to steal gold pieces from the support beams. This caused a terrible collapse that imprisoned everyone inside like a mammoth tomb.

Another notable landmark in Wickenburg is the “Hanging Tree.” Wickenburg had such a reputation as a rogue town prior to receiving a primary legislation representative. At least 18 men meet their ends on the Hanging Tree in truly horrific ways after already being convicted for crimes like robbery, rape, and killing. For a long, judgment was left in the hands of the locals. A supernatural meeting was also being hosted at the ghost town of Vulture City 10 years after Zak and the group’s first visit, and 3 people there were significantly impacted, even necessitating the hospitalization of 2 of them.

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They learn from an additional inquiry that the digging has resumed, which might be the reason for the revival of paranormal activity. This chapter contains intriguing, unsettling, and bizarre evidence, including electronic voice phenomena (EVP), dark shadows, and strange noises. Wickenburg is undoubtedly home to bring something, and I’ll tell you this: it’s horribly disturbed!

Ghost Adventures Season 24 Episode 8 Release Date

The next chapter, titled ‘The Joshua Tree Inn’ with the same unsettling vibe and experience, Ghost Adventures Season 24 Episode 8 Release Date, is all set for the 10th of November, 2022, at 12:00 AM (America/New York Time). Be Ready

Where One Can Watch Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is currently available on fuboTV. Ghost Adventures is available for download or streaming on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

scene from Disturbed in Wickenburg

scene from Disturbed in Wickenburg

Spoilers For ‘The Joshua Tree Inn’

Zak and the group sneak into the desolate motel Gram Parsons, a founder of country rock, passed away in 1973. As they look into the smart and occasionally hostile ghostly force that surrounds the property, the boys are prepared for a terrible night. To see the renowned Joshua Tree Inn, a vibrant, hacienda-styled inn built in the 1950s, Zak and the group travel to Joshua Tree, California. The passing of American singer, composer, and musician Gram Parsons gives the place its greatest reputation. The Joshua Tree Inn and Joshua Tree National Park were Parsons’ favorite getaway spots in the 1960s, wherein he indulged in booze and strange substances.

A humorous scene of colleague GA group members Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley enjoying themselves in a high-class hotel far from the scaring of the Joshua Tree Inn is intercut with the unsettling vibes and unexplained shadows roaming while Zak questions the inn’s caretaker in this installment. The uncomfortable and disturbed night Zak and Billy had at the Inn stands in stark contrast to this. But joking aside, I think this episode of Ghost Adventures is among the greatest in the entire new season.

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