Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together? Relationship Status Of The Too Hot To Handle Stars

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Are Nick and Jawahir still together? Yes, we are talking about Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa- the winners of Too Hot To Handle Season 4. Usually, people often think that once the show gets wrapped up, the stars end their relationship. Well, it’s not just about thoughts because it turns out to be true in most cases. Relationships on these reality shows often turn out to be fake. 

No offense to the rare couples who still stay together, even after the show. Now, it is to see if Nick and Jawahir are still romantically related. 

Starting from the basics, Nick Kici is professionally an actor. He rose to fame after starring in the film, The Invisible Man. Born on 7 January 1994, Nick is now 28 years old. He hails from Michigan.

Little did you know that Nick is a model too. It was in 2019 when he made it to the cover page of Desnudo Italia alongside Jordyn Fynn. 

On the other hand, Jawahir Khalifa is a Dutch model hailing from Somalia. She started her career with Holland’s Next Top Model Season 12. Jawahir was born in 2000, making her 22 years old at present. 

Coming back to their relationship, Nick and Jawahir met each other for the first time on the set of Too Hot To Handle Season 4. Well, they deserved to become the winners. Congratulations!

Fans were able to witness both being head over heels for each other on the show. Do you think Nick and Jawahir are still dating? Or are they just friends now? If you are looking for whether Nick and Jawahir are still together, here are your answers. 

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Are Nick and Jawahir Still Together? Current Status Of The Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Winners 

As mentioned already, by winning Too Hot To Handle Season 4, Nick and Jawahir took away the prize money of $89,000 at home. Even after the show wrapped up, both have been very much active on social media, even interacting with the other castmates. 

Not to forget to mention, Jawahir got slightly distracted by Shawn in the middle. Later, she decided to reconcile with Nick. And that was how they made it to the top. Knowing about this distraction, some people have been questioning- are Nick and Jawahir still together? 

You will surely start to feel weird after knowing that Nick doesn’t follow Jawahir on Instagram. Wait, what? Does that mean they are no more a couple? Let me clear out the fact- Nick doesn’t interact with any of the other cast too. So, it’s very much evident how quiet he is. 

Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together
Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa

On the other hand, Jawahir is very much into social media. She constantly interacts and keeps liking and commenting on each of Nick’s posts. 

After the show ended, Nick and Jawahir traveled to Bali, Indonesia. The former appeared to have become quite emotional and invested in relationships. One of his posts had the caption that said, “Chasing after love is like a curse. Holding on only makes it worse.” Considering this, there is a chance that something has happened between them. 

On the other hand, Nick and Jawahir have been flirting openly on social media. Talking about one such instance, they addressed each other as “Mr. Kici” and “Ms. Khalifa.” 

Talking about the current status of Nick and Jawahir’s relationship, it’s very much unclear. However, neither of them has announced anything about their split. And Jawahir is constantly showing up with love for Nick. We wonder what’s happening between these Too Hot To Handle stars. 

Best Wishes to Nick and Jawahir! Hoping their relationship is still strong enough.

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