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Top 10 Blue Haired Characters in Anime – Ranked 2021

Blue Haired Characters in Anime

Who doesn’t love beautiful blue hairs? There are celebs who had blue hairstyles in the entertainment world, which were loved by their fans around the world. From Lady Gaga, Katy Perry to BTS’s Blue Joon, everybody has used blue hairstyles, which gave them an astonishing response from the audience. In the world of Anime, the hairstyle of favorite characters becomes a trend for the Otaku. Goku’s hair was a huge influence on the fans of dragon ball. One of his forms of Super Saiyan had blue hairs too, which looked extraordinary. Anime is meant to have colorful and cheerful characters who set benchmarks with their personalities and appearances. So here we have the top 10 characters from Blue Haired Characters in Anime:

1. Rem from Re:Zero

Rem from Re:Zero is an amazing character having sky blue hairs covering half of her face. On top of it, she has big pastel blue eyes adding to her beautiful facial features. A maid in service of a lord, Roswaal L. Mathers. She is a main supporting character in Re:Zero. Rem respects her sister Ram out of guilt due to the past and has utter devotion and love towards Subaru since he saved her. She is amongst the most loyal followers of him and will remain on his side no matter the situation. She has magical powers and is great at it. You can Stream Re:Zero on Netflix.

Rem from Re Zero

2. Bulma from dragon ball

An important character in the Dragon Ball universe. Apart from Goku, she is the only character who has been there in this multiverse anime. Famous for her blue hair, being a friend of Goku and the wife of Vegeta. She is the second daughter of Capsule Corporations founder Dr. Brief. She is an extraordinary scientist. However, she is not physically a fighter, but her gadgets and her skills have been of great assistance for the lead character. She is also the mother of Trunks and Bulla. However, her appearances and her hairstyles change several times during the long run of the anime. But her famous hairstyles consist of Blue, Purple, and Turquoise colored hairs. Definitely, it is the blue hairs that catch most of the attention.

Bulma Dragon Ball Z

3. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

Kamina a pride character in itself, tall, well-built and trademark blue spiky hair and red glasses. A boisterous and hotheaded character who calls himself “The mighty Kamina” and has a famous catchphrase, ” just who the hell do you think I am?”. A pervert who never defended his perversion. He single-handedly built team Dai-Gurren. He is hungry for power and keeps on working hard to maintain that. His chemistry with Simon is great to watch as he is like a foster father and support to him. He is devoted himself to save his friends and close ones. Thus adding another layer to him. His past experiences led him to be this way, and the lost father is the reason why he was so determined to be that way. Therefore, he has a complicated character with an eye-catching style.


4. Jellal from fairy Tail

Jellal Fernandez is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. He is famous for his blue hairs, blue eyes, and a red tattoo above his and below his eyes. He is the member and co-founder of crime sorciere. He wears darker clothing. A white shirt with a blue tint and a dark blue coat with light blue edges. He wears dark, simple, and loose pants tucked inside his laced boots—a toned body with great fighting skills. As a young guy, he was calm and compassionate. But later, due to circumstances, he changed himself. Still, he treats slaves well enough. He sees his actions as a “game”; however, he also said that game results in life loss. He lost his memory and regained it after seven years when he gets back to be himself again. At heart, he was like the Fairy Tail crew.


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5. Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

A stoic natured and first child in the series of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Having short pale blue hairs and red eyes, Rei Ayanami wears the same uniform throughout. And has a white plugsuit with black, red, or green accents. She rarely interacts with people, except Gendo, to whom she displays loyalty. Rei soon changes her personality among the crew. And also had a special relationship with Shinji, whom she smiled at. During the long-running of the anime and its various seasons and movies, there were incarnations as Rei l, Rei ll, and Rei lll. But her famous appearance and blue-hairs remained the same as her trademark.


6. Sinon from Sword art online

Asada Shino is also known as Sinon, is a skilled virtual reality gamer. She was the deuteragonist of Phantom Bullet Arc. Her real-life appearances are absolutely different from her online appearance in Gun Gale Online. The online character with short pale blue hair is famous among the fans of the show—her military attire, with bulletproof armor. In ALfheim online, she is again portrayed with blue hair and cat ears with a green coat and chest armor. In another game called Project Alicization, she again has the trademark blue hairs and blue eyes with white and dark blue apparel. Shino uses her character in the game to overcome her trauma with the guns due to her past experiences.

7. Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom

Nagisa Shiota is the main protagonist and narrator in the Assassination Classroom. He is a student in Korosensei’s Class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Due to his mother, he keeps his pigtail behind his shoulders. Poked by many people assuming that he is androgynous due to his appearance. His blue hairs have been a problem in his situation. He is a shy, reserved, observant, and friendly guy, despite being made fun of. His only insecurity is the lack of optimism towards his skills that grown because of his mother’s attitude towards him. Nagisa is praised among the viewers due to his style and character.

Blue Haired Characters in Anime

8. Suzuno Kamazuki from Devil is a part-timer

A slender figure, aqua eyes, and navy blue hair with a long ponytail on one side and strand framing on the other side of her head. She wears a red flower on her pony, which is a disguise of a weapon. She believes that the only appropriate dressing is Kimono, and she wears them throughout. She is insensitive most of the time and had a sense of gloom in her character. At initial points, she was carrying an identity of a naive who used to give noodles to the devil’s apartment as a gift. She seemed simple and sober but had more shades on her. Having a distinct identity and playing it along the way to fulfill her intentions was her real identity. But her love for the outdated Japanese way of living was the one thing that remained as a trait. And so is an interesting character.

Blue Haired Characters in Anime

9. Black Star from Soul Eater

Black Star is the last survivor of the Star clan. A shadow weapon meister and an assassin. His weapon partner is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. An arrogant young boy with a huge ego who is hungry for power and is assumed by people to choose a demon’s path. At the same time, he is also involved in being proactive and protective towards his closed ones, the same way they are towards him. He has star-shaped light blue hairs as well as a star tattooed on his shoulder. His apparel consists of a sleeveless black shirt with a funnel-like collar and full-length jeans. In the last chapter of the book of Eibon, he switches gender. But his character remains the same, the attention-seeking young girl. Again with the blue hair, which is his trademark.

Blue Haired Characters in Anime

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10. Gintoki Sakata from Gintama

One may wonder why Gintoki Sakata is a part of this list. But he is the most qualified for this list. Gintoki, the most popular and loved character in one of the best comedy anime Gintama, actually has a pale blue tint on his silver hairs. Most of his wavy hairstyles seem silver in color; in the end, it has a blue tint. He is also called the “white demon” or ” white night” due to his apparel, which he wore during the Amanto war, and being the fiercest Samurai on the field.

Blue Haired Characters in Anime

However, after the war, he becomes eccentric but remains sane and calm. In the world after Amanto controlling the government, he starts his own business as odd jobs. With Kagura (Yato clan) and Shinpachi as his employees. He is like a guardian character and is amusing for the most part of the story. When it appears to be a danger, Gintoki becomes amazing Samurai who fights for what is right. His chemistry with each and every character is the best part of Gintama. And is always said to have “dead fish eyes.” His hairs are a part for which he gets recognition among other characters and distinguishes him from others.

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