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What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date: The Unusual Relationship

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10 release date is up the ranks and here is what we know about the same. The installment is inching towards its end with this upcoming episode. Throughout its episode, the series has given us an endless amount of humor that is fused with critical vampire themes. With the story, we see the focus on four vampire roommate who is living on Staten Island in New York.

The show has genres of comedy and horror. It is created by Jemaine Clement for FX. With this show, we see that these vampires are harmless and instead are trying to survive in the human world. They navigate through their respective powers and magic and adjust within the humans. These focus vampires are not the only magical creatures living on the land. We also see other supernatural beings who might not be as friendly to our vampires as they should be.

Back in the 9th episode of the series titled Freddie, we saw that the nightclub is going well in business and thus, there is no harm caused whatsoever. This place is now a major attraction point to some of the celebrities who are visiting New York along with the vampires who really like the place and its interiors. Well, Nadja is having to dwell over some pressing concerns caused by Laszlo. We see it all when he asks her to draw a contract for the performances that Baby Colon is doing.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10

A still from What We Do in the Shadows Season 4

Things go south when Nadja refuses to sign the contract which is laid out. This prompts Laszlo ti to remove Baby Colin from the club altogether and the two set on a trip. A missing Colin from the club causes the profits and popularity to drop as he was one of the major attractions of the place. Now that Nadja has to run the club still, she tries to find a replacement for Baby Colin. Although, this plan does not work out as well as it should have. Now, the camera pans over to Baby Volin whose trip ends badly. He has now hit puberty and is experiencing new things.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Now we see Guillermo. He reveals a relationship he once began with a man named Freddie. The two started dating when he was in England. For the weekend, Guillermo decides to invite him over. While Freddie is at their place, Nandor develops a crush on him. Given the fact that he is already in a relationship with Marwa, he does not want to cheat. He still has the three wishes of the Djinn. In order to fulfill his wish of being with Freddie, Nandor turns Marwa into an exact copy of him. The couple then spends a lot of time in New York exploring new cafes and visiting the streets.

Although, it is about time that Guillermo and the real Freddie get to know what is actually going down with Nandor. While Guillermo tries to face him regarding the matter and is very angry, Nandor uses hypnosis to calm down the two Freddies who are shocked to see their replicas. Now that he does not have any option, Nandor frees the Marwa Freddie on his dream to visit the whole world Guillermo is still smitten with Freddie and thus plans to take a trip to England to meet with him. Turns out, the real Freddie and Marwa Freddie and now in a relationship.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10 release date is on the 6th of September 2022. The episode is titled Sunrise Sunset. This will mark the finale of the season. The episode will drop on FX at 10 PM Eastern Time.

How to Watch What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10

You can watch What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 10 when it airs on FX at the time we have mentioned. Later, FX Now streams all the latest episodes which will be accessible with valid login credentials. Alternatively, fans can watch the new episode from Hulu with a free trial or in general.

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