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Skate 4 Game: Production and Where to Play

Gaming enthusiasts can not wait for Skate 4 release date and they might not even have to. Recent reports from media outlets have content to curb your zeal with the latest developments. 2022 has seen a pre-alpha gameplay leak during the first quarter. EA is obviously holding back on a lot of details about the latest releases but nevertheless, we have wrapped them all up in one place for you.

Till this point in time, EA had never confirmed any rumors. There was a time when the game was literally flying around in fake statistics. But well, the company has finally come forward to reveal new and exciting things that await the players with Skate 4. EA has officially announced that they are working on a brand new Skate title. This news came in 2020 while being at the EA Play Event. Skate 3 was last released in 2010 and it was long before we ears something related to a new game.

People are literally crazy for The Skate Games. Fans who do skate and the ones who do not even skate, love the game equally. During the launch of Skate 3 in 2010, there was not much hype about the game. It all came down when YouTube started and PewDiePie had a lot today about Skate 3. He eventually became obsessed with the ragdoll physics of the game and talked about it in one of his videos.

Skate 4 Release Date and Where to Play

The Skate Game – Courtesy of EA

Skate 4 Release Date

As of now, Skate 4 does not have an official release date yet. Although, EA has some exciting details for us. Skate 4 is confirmed and going to release one day for sure. There are elements right now that seem to indicate that the game is not complete yet. An official revelation of the game will happen in July 2022. As per the officials, it is reported that the game will release shortly after its reveal ceremony.

If we go on to the official page for the game, it is visible that the team is still hiring developers. This means that Skate 4 is not actually made yet. This new game will give us the experience of skating in a new updated form. The release date might be set for 2023 at this pace. We are hoping to get the game by Summer Game Fest next year.

EA seems to be very serious about the gameplay of Skate 4. Given its high demand, it can be assured that the time taken is being spent well. There was several media coverage about a pupil who leaked that the playtesting has been going on for Skate 4 for months. As we said, pre-alpha footage has also leaked online regarding the gameplay. And now the public reveal is set for July 2022. This fast-paced progress surely hints at getting the drop very soon.

Skate 4 – Where to Play

PC will officially receive Skate 4 when it launches. EA has not talked about a console release yet. Although, given the history of The Skate Games, we can hope to get it on consoles. It should be duly noted that this is the first entry in the franchise which is to release on PCs. The world is where PS5 and Xbox are. Thus, it might be safe to say that the game will launch on these platforms as well.

Previously in the Skate series, the player has had the freedom to decide their own moves. The physics related to the game was so tightly bound that it felt as if you were actually skating. This is what gives Skate 4 an edge over other skating games. I mean, there are a ton of those releasing all year round but none of them have ever generated a hype as big as these games. While we are collecting all the hints from EA, it can hopefully be approved that the company is investing in user-generated content that suits the latest generation.

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