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Amelia Dimz Dating History: Here’s What We Know

Amelia Dimz Dating History?
What is Amelia Dimz Dating History?

What is Amelia Dimz Dating History? Popular Youtuber, Journalist, and comedian, Amelia Dimoldenberg gained huge fame and success after creating the hit web series Chicken Shop Date. The series features popular rappers and artists in fried chicken restaurants. Amelia is loved by all for her humorous antics and sarcasm.

Recently, in the Vanity Fair Oscar party artist Halsey joked that Dimodenberg has dated so many of her exes, with Amelia admitting how that can be wrong as the two seem to have the same type. This is when Halsey imparted some wisdom to Amelia asking her to not follow Halsey’s footsteps and rather date an accountant! Is Amelia Diaz dating someone ? Let us take a look at Amelia Dimz Dating History.

What Is Amelia Dimz Dating History?

Amelia Dimz was dating rapper Aitch back in March last year, after a Tiktok video went viral where the rapper was seen going out with a mystery woman on various occasions. Turns out that woman was none other than Amelia Dimz herself. Later, the rapper himself confirmed the dating rumours while sharing a few pictures in Instagram with a caption that said Amelia Armstrong that’s as a mushy reference to Aitch’s last name.

Amelia Dimz Dating History

What is Amelia Dimz Dating History?

The two did not shy away from the media attention as the rapper went on to TikTok and shared details of his second date with the then-mystery girl. He further spilled the details saying that they had to go on a 2nd date cause they enjoyed the first date. 

Dimoldenberg later opened up about the relationship saying how they are hanging out and that she likes him a lot. However, fans were quick to notice how Amelia featured in Aitch’s music video called Baby. Many speculated the relationship as a publicity stunt!

Fans have been rooting for Andrew Garfield and Amelia after the two showed impeccable chemistry during their shoot conversation at the Golden Globes. Not to forget how they talked about their astrological compatibility. When asked about the perfect Valentine Day date, Amelia did mention the Spider-Man actor’s name. 

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Is Amelia Dating Rapper Aitch?

Although Amelia and Aitch dated for a while it did not lasted long as the two parted ways later. The two later agreed that they would be better as friends and presented each other with matching best friends bracelets. Take a look at the video given below as Amelia and her guest discussed the idea of love and more! 

Aitch further admitted that he will struggle to sit back and watch Amelia every other week go on a date with rappers, Dimoldenberg responded by saying how she cannot stop doing that as she loves to date. Amelia’s current relationship status remains unknown for now.

While Amelia threw a fun Valentines Day party and mentioned how Andrew Garfield would make a nice Valentines date, she kind of changed her mind soon and mentioned Central Cee explaining how Andrew might happen but pointed out how Valentine’s puts too much pressure on the day and Cee might fly her out somewhere as that’s kind of his vibe. When asked about her big fan moment, Amelia admitted that it was Louis Theroux who made her most starstruck.

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg dating ?

Amelia Dimoldenberg earlier stared in an interview of 2019 that she was eyeing someone for a year while saying that was enough. While the television star and her former partner is not together anymore, it seems like they have harboured no bitter feelings for each other.

Amelia Dimz dating history

Amelia Dimoldenberg

While talking about relationship, the comedian explained how she feels like social media makes it harder for many to get to know someone on a deeper level.

Dimoldenberg further added how one can be with someone for years, but what is needed for proper communication while saying how it is rather critical to communicate and not to leave anything unanswered but it is necessary to express one’s feelings.

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