Is Tim Campbell Related To David Campbell? The Mystery Still Remains

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David Campbell

Are Tim Campbell and David Campbell related in real life? Some people have been suspecting that they are brothers. Are they? Well, this speculation has happened just because they have similar last names and also of their professional fields. Both are versatile singers. Before getting into further discussion about their bond, if it exists, let’s briefly look at who Tim Campbell and David Campbell are. More specifically, about their prominence!

Starting from the basics, Tim Campbell is an incredible actor, who is majorly known for portraying Dan Baker in Home and Away. Being quite prominent on television, people also know him for making it to the third position in Dancing with the Stars Season 6. Some of Tim’s notable acting credits include- House Husbands, The Great Raid, Big Sky, Always Greener, etc. 

Well, Tim Campbell also excels in singing. Yes! Because of this similarity with David, the suspension has become more prominent. It was in 2018 when he released his second studio album, Electrifying 80s, which became a massive hit. 

On the other hand, David Campbell is primarily a great singer. Some of his hit music works include- The Swing Sessions, Taking the Wheel, Let’s Go, Back in the Swing, and many more. 

Knowing these, some fans are pretty much convinced that Tim Campbell and David Campbell are surely siblings. What’s your say on this? If you are looking for a relationship between Tim and David, here is what we know. 

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Are Tim Campbell and David Campbell Related? Real Status Of Their Rumored Brotherhood 

We are unsure if Tim Campbell and David Campbell are related. In other words, neither of them has ever commented anything about their rumored brotherhood. So, we may consider it to be false. Also, we may say that Tim Campbell and David Campbell are not brothers. 

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Is Tim Campbell Related To David Campbell?
Tim Campbell

Well, this eventually calls for the discussion of both of their families. Are they anyway related? Talking about David Campbell is the son of Jimmy Barnes and Kim Campbell. It’s not like the singer doesn’t have any siblings. He reportedly does have three! They are named as- Mahalia Barnes, Jackie Barnes, and EJ Barnes respectively. We wonder if he has a cousin sibling too and if it’s Tim Campbell. Possibly No! 

How can we not talk about Tim Campbell’s family? Well, he is the son of Heather Campbell and Graham Campbell. However, it is not known if Tim has any siblings. 

Since both of their biological parents are not the same, we may consider that Tim Campbell and David Campbell are not brothers like that. It is still mysteriously questionable- if Tim and David are cousins. We doubt! 

Despite their rumored brotherhood things that have been trending on the internet for quite some time, neither Tim nor David has commented anything so far. We are also not sure if they are in contact with each other. 

Another very weird thing fuels the speculation of their brotherhood. Guess what? It’s their birth year. David Campbell was born on 6 August 1973, making him 49 years old. Whereas, Tim Campbell celebrates his birthday on 27 September 1975. He is now 47 years old. So, there is just two years age gap between the two. More like brothers? Yes, maybe but that’s not how it is in reality. 

Is Tim Campbell Related To David Campbell?
David Campbell

David Cambell was born in Adelaide. On the other hand, Tim Campbell was born in Sydney. Even though both hail from Australia, it’s different. Do you think, that makes an issue? No. Still, there are more hints which prove that Tim Campbell and David Campbell are not brothers. Moreover, neither of them has ever talked about one other, in the media. Still, it’s unsafe to comment on anything, as long as Tim and David are not making any statement on this. 

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Best Wishes to Tim Campbell and David Campbell for the upcoming days of their life! 

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