Tim Campbell Net Worth: How The Television Actor Became Rich?

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Tim Campbell is an Australian TV actor born in Sydney on September 27, 1975. He is a singer along with a stage actor. He is known for his character in the soap opera Home and Away as Dan Baker between 2004 and 2008. Snobs, Big sky, and Dead Gorgeous are some of his popular shows. Tim Campbell is exceptionally talented. He has shown his talent in film, TV series, music, theatre, and he has hosted some reality shows.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the net worth of Tim Campbell. Tim comes under the list of richest Celebrities. He is a television star; however, he is labeled as one of the richest Celebrities. He is listed below the most popular Celebrity, marking his name under the ranking of an elite list of celebrities born in Australia. The fame came around him right after the series Home and Away, and he was popular among the audience for his performances.

Tim Campbell Net Worth

Tim Campbell has $65 million approx. Of net worth. He is among the highest-paid Celebrity in the Television industry, and no doubt he is the richest of them all. He has been working since the age of 20 years. Then, he got the job of singer/dancer at the amusement park of Australia’s Wonderland. He stated that it was the turning point for his career.

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Interesting facts about Tim Campbell:

  • He enjoys dabbling in video production and editing. Furthermore, Tim has helped in writing and directing some musical reviews.
  • He was in school when he was offered his first TV role in 1993. Bradd, the Yabbie Creek soccer player, played the role he played in Home and Away.
  • He has represented his school in swimming and athletics at the state level.
  • Tim was a member of the Sydney Schools Drama Ensemble when he was 11 years.
  • He has publically announced that he is gay, and he is very proud and comfortable with his identity.
  • Adding to it, he has participated as a contestant on Deal or No Deal: Dancing with the Deals and won $23,999 for a home viewer.


Tim Campbell started his TV career in the year 1993 with the show Home and away. After that, he played small roles in shows throughout the early 2000s until he got Constable Stubbs’ role in the Children’s series, Snobs, in 2003.  Tim Campbell TV shows- Heartbreak high, Police Rescue, The Day of the Roses, Water Rats, Big Sky, House Husbands, etc. His film career is a cluster of fewer films. The film’s names are Angst, Rooms for Rent, Searching for Mr. Right.Com, and The Great Raid.
He has played characters in theatre also. A few are Roger in Rent, Flyers in Wicked, Johnny Casino in Grease the Arena Experience.

Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell as a singer

Music career:

Campbell has entertained his audience with his voice over the years. From singing rock ‘n’ roll as Johnny O’Keefe in Shout to perform on the Christmas songs on Carols by Candlelight. Tim has released two of his studio single. Both the albums peaked on ARIA Charts on numbers 25 and 15, respectively.

  1. High School Disco- released on April 4, 2014.
  2. Electrifying 80s- released on July 27, 2018.

He has sung songs in several productions around Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Some of his worth remembering appearances are at Carol’s in The Domain Perth Telethon and the Good Friday Appeal for Channel Seven and Carols By Candlelight for Channel Nine.

Personal Details

Tim Campbell has been married to Anthony Callea in the year 2014. The wedding took place in New Zealand. They came across each other on the show Dancing With the Stars in 2007. Afterward, they met each other professionally several times, but Anthony Callea was not aware that Tim is gay.

Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea
Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea

They started falling for each other when they worked together on a musical in Perth. They were pretty much in love that they bought a home within the six months of their relationship. The relationship blossomed over the years, and they got engaged in August 2014. However, they couldn’t get married in their own country as it wasn’t legal to marry the same gender at that time. The couple has been together for thirteen years, and they are still together is a sign that it was truly a fairy-tale love story.

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