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How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes? Complete Streaming Guide

How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes Complete Stream Guide
How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes Complete Stream Guide

Let us find out How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes? at your comfort. Renovation Resort is a new reality show that is released in Canada on 5 March 2023. The seven-episode series revolves around a property that the judge of the show Scott McGillivray, has bought. It is a huge property with beautiful features and an amazing lakeside view. The only flaw in the property is that it is almost in ruin!

Scott is in search of someone to help him with the renovation of the property so that the age of the resort increases and his money does not go to waste. Scott is himself an expert in the field but seeks the help of Bryan Baeumler, who is his competition.

In the series, there will be four teams, having two members each, that will compete against each other to get the contract of the resort. They will work to the best of their abilities to re-design, renovate the property, and bring it back to life. In the end, only one team will win, and the winning team will get a reward of $100000 along with the Renovation Resort Champion Title.

The first episode of the series has already been released on 5 March 2023, and the fans loved it. In the episode, we saw how all four teams were excited to begin their journey and make it to finals. Let us see who comes out as the best builder-designer and wins the show.  We know you must be excited now to know How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes? Read through the article to get answers to all your answers.

Still from Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

Still from Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

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How to Watch Renovation Resort Episodes? Complete Stream Guide

Renovation Resort is released officially in Canada and is therefore available to stream in the country on a Canadian channel. If you live in  Canada, you can watch the show on HGTV. You do not need to pay and charge for this as it comes free with your TV Service provider.

The show is also available to stream on  StackTV Amazon Channel if you have a subscription for the same. However, if you want to watch the show for free you can watch it on Global TV. The only inconvenience that you may face while watching the show on Global Tv is that there are advertisements in between. 

Cast of Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

The cast of Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

If you do not have access to HGTV Canada, you can watch the show after streaming HGTV at StackTV. StackTV is accessible on Amazon Prime Video Channels, FuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV, and Ignite SmartStream. Other TV providers, like Shaw, Shaw Direct, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Telus, Cogeco, Eastlink, and SaskTel, also offer the network.

For countries outside Canada, we do not have any information regarding the stream guide for the show. However, you can watch Renovation Resort with the help of a VPN if you live outside Canada. We will update this section once we have more information about how you can watch the show from different countries. 

Renovation Resort Episodes Release Time

Renovation Resort premiers every Sunday on HGTV in Canada at 11:00 PM EST. The series is, however, available to stream worldwide on the streaming services mentioned above in this article.

To help you know at what time the episodes are available to watch in different time zones, we have made a list of the release time for the episode in different countries. Do check it out here.

  • US Release Time (Canada): 11:00 PM EST on Sunday
  • India Release Time: 9:30 AM IST on Monday
  • Philippines Release Time: 12:00 PM PHT on Monday
  • Australia Release Time: 3:00 PM AEST on Monday
  • Korea Release Time: 1:00 PM KST on Monday
  • Japan Release Time: 1:00 PM JST on Monday
  • UK Release Time: 4:00 AM GMT on Monday
Judges of Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

Judges of Renovation Resort (Credit HGTV)

Renovation Resort Episode Schedule

Renovation Resort’s first episode is already released and the rest of the episodes will release one by one every Sunday. There is a total of seven episodes in the season and the first episode premiered on 5 March 2023. The remaining six episodes’ release date is mentioned herein. Check the dates below to plan your watch schedule accordingly.

  • Episode 1 Title: It’s Go Time, 05 March 2023
  • Episode 2 Title: History in The Making, 12 March 2023
  • Episode 3 Title: Lofty Goals, 19 March 2023
  • Episode 4 Title: NA, 26 March 2023
  • Episode 5 Title: NA, 02 April 2023
  • Episode 6 Title: NA, 09 April 2023
  • Episode 7 Title: NA, 16 April 2023
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