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Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?

Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?
General Manager Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson is a professional football manager who recently worked for the American football team Tennessee Titans. Jon Robinson got hired by the Titans in 2016. After joining the Titans Robinson used his skills and knowledge to help the Titans win and improve their winning record. But recently, the Tennessee Titans shocked the world and their fans when they suddenly announced that they were firing manager Jon Robinson.

This came as a big shock for the fans because Jon was a  key part of the Tennessee Titans and helped the team to rise to the top. Recently his contract was also extended, and he was supposed to be there on the team till 2027, but the sudden change of events has changed everything for Jon Robinson and for Tennessee Titans.

So today we shall break down all the details regarding Jon Robinson and Tennessee Titans. and the events that led to his firing.

Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?

The sudden dismissal of Jon Robinson took the whole NFL world by surprise. This led Tom Pelissero, a top NFL reporter to look deep into the matter. After doing some investigation and interviews with certain officials, he finally reached a conclusion regarding Tom Pelissero’s firing.

According to Tom Pelissero, Jon Robinson was fired from the Titans due to a disagreement between him and the management. Tom took it to his Twitter to reveal the real reason – According to him, the management of Tennessee Titans was quite unhappy with the roster formed by Jon Robinson, and they did not like the way he was handling to roster.

Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?

Manager Jon Robinson

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During his time at the Titans, Robinson did a good job of managing the team. It was his decision to acquire the talented quarterback Ryan Tannehill from Miami Dolphins. This proved to be a wise decision, and Robinson often gets praised for this decision. He was also one of the key members who took the decision to draft Derrick Henry aka King Henry. And since then Henry has proved his worth, and he is now considered one of the rising players of the Tennessee Titans.

But apart from making some good decisions, Robison also made some mistakes while managing his team. Like they failed to negotiate a proper contract with AJ Brown, which led to him getting acquired by Philadelphia Eagles, this was a huge loss for the Tennessee Titans.

Along with the failed deal with AJ Brown, Robinson’s other decisions regarding team management like hiring some non-worthy players like “Caleb Farley”, “Corey Davis”, “Isaiah Wilson” etc… made everyone question manager Robinson’s ability, and whether he could handle the future of the Tennessee Titans. These several factors combined led to a disagreement between Robinson and the upper management of the Tennessee Titans, which ultimately led to his firing.

Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?

Manager Jon Robinson

Who Is Jon Robinson?

Jon Robinson is a professional football executive. Recently he worked for the Tennessee Titans, as the team’s manager, along with that he was also appointed to the position of “Vice President,” making him an important member of the Tennessee Titans. But after a dispute with the roster management, Robison got fired from his team.

Before becoming the general manager of the Tennessee Titans, he worked for Tampa Bay Buccaneers as “The Director Of Player Personnel”. Before his professional career began, Jon was a high school footballer. But later on, he joined “Nicholls State University” where he served as “a graduate assistant,” and later he became a linebackers coach.

Why was Jon Robinson Fired From Tennessee Titans?

Who is Jon Robinson

After gaining enough experience, in 2002 Jon joined New England Patriots, where he became the area scout. After serving in the same position for some years, Jon got promoted to the position of “regional scout”. After a decade-long hard work, Jon was able to get to the position of “Director Of College Scouting”.

In 2013 Jon joined Tampa Bay Buccaneers and worked there for about 4 years before he got hired by Tennessee Titans. Jon’s tenure at Titans was like a double-edged sword he did several things that benefited the team a lot but he also took certain decisions which affected the team in a bad way. But nevertheless, one cannot ignore that Jon helped the team to improve its win record, and helped the Titans to regain their position.

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