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Why Did A.J. Brown Leave the Tennessee Titans Behind?

The secret to the Jalen Hurts-A.J. Brown connection
The secret to the Jalen Hurts-A.J. Brown connection (Credits: Philadelphia Eagles)

Born on the 30th of June in 1997, Arthur Juan Brown Sr. is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). Prior to being listed off to the Philadelphia Eagles, A.J. Brown was a part of the Tennessee Titans for over a decade. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans during the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft and stayed with them until the year 2021. Brown was later traded in 2022 to his current team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

But why did the trade happen after over a decade of operating together? What might have presumably created the Tennessee Titans to take this step? On 28 April, during the first round of the 2022 NFL draft, the trade between the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles happened. Brown was listed reciprocally for the Eagles’ first- and third-round choice.

What went down between the Tennessee Titans and A.J. Brown?

Sporting News disclosed that Brown appeared to have something negative to say about the Tennessee Titans’ negotiation strategy in a series of tweets sent during the offseason. The primary reason why the Tennessee Titans determined to trade their wide receiver ultimately was attributable to an intense build-up between the two. The explanation for this build-up was a scuffle over a contract extension.

A.J. Brown

AJ Brown’s three touchdowns help the Eagles remain undefeated (Credits: Fox News)

Brown didn’t take it well and was bitter that the Titans weren’t as amiable as they appeared and were irresolute in supplying him with a replacement deal that may help facilitate his growth further.  

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Did A.J. Brown wish to be traded?

Each coin has two sides, and so does every story. You must have comprehended the Titan’s facet of the story. However, what of A.J. Brown’s? Although word all over suggests that the Tennessee Titans needed to trade him, there are alternative speculations whirling the air. The NFL insiders believe that it was A.J. Brown himself who asked the Titans to trade him. However, the truth remains unofficial.

Furthermore, he additionally strived for a contract that weighed loads over what he finished obtaining. Brown even cut-off contact with the team while the negotiations were in progress. If he had not done so, the Titans would have tried their level best to make him stay.

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown (Credits: Music City Miracles)

The aftermath of the Titans-Eagles trade

Jon Robinson, the general manager of the Tennessee Titans, expressed that the trade was necessary as the Titans and Brown could not realize a common footing. A.J. Brown disclosed that though he didn’t quite like how the trade came to pass, he didn’t harbor any enmity with his former teammates. “I’m moving forward. I’m happy to be here,” he told NFL.  

A.J. Brown remains grateful to his former team whilst continuing to grow with the Eagles. Brown mentioned that the Titans were sorry that the relationship didn’t work out between them, and he deeply appreciated everything the Titans did for him and his career.

Brown believes that his career started down there with the Titans, so he has good feelings towards them even though people were stating that there is nothing but bad blood between Brown and the Titans.

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A.J. Brown trade

A.J. Brown trade was a matter of principle for the Tennessee Titans (Credits: The Tennessean)

How long is the contract between A.J. Brown and the Philadelphia Eagles?

Shortly after the trade took place, an NFL insider tweeted that the Eagles had given AJ Brown a four-year contract extension worth $100 million. A.J. Brown will be staying with the Philadelphia Eagles until the year 2026.

A.J. Brown dominates in his revenge game

A.J. Brown dominates in his revenge game (Credits: Bleeding Green Nation)

Although Brown may have felt feelings of unhappiness and sadness leaving behind his team, we are sure he must have been as excited for what his future had in store for him. As somebody once said, “Endings are always a good thing because they herald new beginnings.” Here’s to hoping that his new journey is a successful one and that he reaches his ultimate destination!

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