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Little Women (2022) Episode 5 Release Date: What Was The Last Episode’s Big Reveal?

K-drama 2022
Little Women Episode 5

The classic story of Little Women reached Korean television when released it as a K-drama this year. The last episode ended with a big reveal about the stolen 70 billion won. What follows in the next episode?

Little Women, of Jag Eun Assideul in Korea, is another adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s popular novel “Little Women” which was published way back in 1868. Written by Chung Seo Kyung and directed by Kim Hee Won, the series premiered on 3rd September 2022.

It takes the same shape as the novel and is categorized under mystery and family drama. However, there are some changes. Unlike Alcott’s novel, the K-drama is built around three sisters rather than four. The sisters grew up poor, and in a string of events, they somehow get stuck in a case of missing money. 

So far, the series only has four episodes released. The series was filmed from June to July 2022 in Singapore. Recently, the show poster was accused of being plagiarised by a Japanese beauty brand. This created a lot of chaos, and they had to send an official apology.

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Who Are The Little Women Cast?

One of the three poor sisters is Oh In Ju, played by Kim Go Eun, who is the eldest of all. Being the oldest, she takes the part of the next mother figure of the family. Her dreams are not much out-worldly, she just wants to keep her family safe since she grew up in poverty. The only thing she cares about is living a happy life.

The middle child, Oh In Kyung is played by Nam Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun works as a news reporter. She is a firm believer in justice and isn’t least bothered by money. Ironically, she later gets caught up in an unjust case involving money. 

Oh In Hye is the youngest sister, played by Park Ji Hu. Her talent in art has been recognized since her childhood by everyone around her. In the series, she studies in a respectable art school. She is the most-loved sibling in the house but sometimes she feels that the love is too overbearing. 

 The only main character other than the sisters is Choi Do Il. He is played by “Shark: The Beginning” (2021) actor Wi Ha Joon. Do Il is a university graduate who later gets involved with one of the sisters. 

Little Women Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of Little Women will air on 17th September 2022, Saturday. The Korean drama series is being broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays every week. On the 17th of September, Little Women will be available at 9:10 pm Korean Time (KST).

Since the series will also be streamed on Netflix besides the original network TvN, people from other time zones can easily access it as well. Netflix offers three different streaming packages, including ad-free as well as ad-friendly content.

To find out what happens next, keep an eye out for episode 5 of Little Women (2022).

Little Women Episode 4 Recap

If you have watched the previous episode, you must be curious about the flower that was repeatedly mentioned. Previously, we saw the family breaking up. The eldest and the middle sister get into an argument about keeping their family together. In Kyung is a follower of justice and believes that they should cut ties if her family is guilty. After that scene, the blue orchid makes an appearance, and we get to learn about the myth behind it. 

Little Women 2022

Three sisters

Jong Ho learns that the blue orchid, or the ghost orchid, is also known as the orchid of death and In Kyung realizes what happens if someone sniffs it. Meanwhile, In Hye starts feeling the symptoms after she sniffed a blue orchid. She feels light-headed and starts to hallucinate. She hears voices in her head that tell her that she will die if she runs faster. After they are informed that In Hye is suffering from Luigi’s disease, In Ju realizes that they lost their other sister due to this disease. Thankfully, In Hye wakes up soon. 

The episode ends with In Ju’s revelation to Do Il that Hwa Young was using her identity to live in Singapore for the past three years. After the big reveal, it is to see what happens to Hwa Young in the next episode. 

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