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Blind (2022) K-drama: Episode Schedule And Watch Guide

Blind (2022) K-drama
Blind (2022) K-drama Episode Schedule And Watch Guide

Korean drama fans, it’s time to update your watchlist as another Korean thriller mystery has made its way to your screens. Yes, we are talking about ‘Blind.’ This one is a mixed bag of genres, and the writers are sure it will become one of the most looked forward to dramas as soon as more episodes drop. Blind is an on-air South Korean television series initially destined to premiere on OCN. However, it was recently made public that the show would look for another channel to air it.

And we are here to reveal all the latest details about the show, including its ‘episode schedule’ and ‘watch guide.’ But before we move on to all the streaming information, here is a quick summary for those unaware of the show and its premise. Blind is said to feature Ok Taec-yeon, Ha Seok-jin, and Jeong Eun-Ji in central roles. And the story will include an investigation and psychological thriller elements.

Blind (2022) K-drama release date

Jeong Eun-ji plays Jo Eun Ki

The story centers on Ryu Sung Joon, Ryu Sung Hoon, and Jo Eun Ki. These three get entangled in a case of serial killings where the victims are jury members. No, our leads are detectives, not killers. These people will be looking for the cause of the mysterious murders. Ok Taec-Yeon will portray Ryu Sung Joon. Joon is a dedicated detective at work. He is constantly looking to bring the wicked ones to justice.

Blind (2022) K-drama release date

Ha-Seok-jin as Ryu Sung Hoon

His arrest record consistently ranks among the highest for investigators, thanks to his tenacity. Ha-Seok-jin will portray Ryu Sung Hoon. The older brother of Joon, Hoon, is a judge. Being a perfectionist and intelligent enough to pass the bar exam with the highest possible score and graduate first in his class from the Judicial Research and Training Institute, Ryu Sung Hoon is a perfectionist.

Blind (2022) K-drama release date

Ok Taec-Yeon as Ryu Sung Joon

He strives to make fair judgments and is an honorable individual. Jeong Eun-ji plays Jo Eun Ki. Eun Ki will be working as a Social worker. She is kind and committed to doing the right thing. She prioritizes helping others and works hard to be a trustworthy parent to kids from underprivileged families. The first episode so far introduced us to the characters only. But the trailer promises a dark, gripping, and engaging tale.

Fans can’t wait to see their two favorite actors back onscreen. Ok Taecyeon is not only a good rapper, but he is a phenomenal actor as well. We wonder why all Korean celebrities are so multi-talented. Nonetheless, Ok was last seen in Royal inspector and joy and amazed the audiences with his subtle acting. We have also seen him in the comedy mystery drama; bring it on, ghost! And it will be fun to see how he delivers such a serious role.

Jeong Eun-Ji is ready to enthrall the fans with another entertaining story after her recent hit; ‘Work Later, Drink Now.’

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Blind (2022) K-Drama Episode Schedule

Blind made its debut on 16th September 2022 on TvN channel in Korea. Fans can rejoice as they can witness this crime-thriller two days a week as the drama’s team has confirmed they will air the episodes two days in a row, i.e., on Friday and Saturday. “Blind” will be broadcast on TvN at 10:40 pm KST.

The show is ready to take the time slot previously held by “I Have Not Done My Best Yet.” So far, the production team has not clarified where the episodes will stream for the international audience. But don’t worry and keep an eye on this space as we will reveal the latest details for the show as and when they are available.

Blind (2022) Episode 1 – Release Date – 16th September 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 2- Release Date – 17th September 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 3 – Release Date – 23rd September 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 4 – Release Date – 24th September 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 5 – Release Date – 30th September 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 6 – Release Date – 1st October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 7 – Release Date – 7th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 8 – Release Date – 8th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 9 – Release Date – 14th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 10- Release Date – 15th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 11 – Release Date – 21st October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 12 – Release Date – 22nd October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 13 – Release Date – 28th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 14 – Release Date – 29th October 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 15 – Release Date – 4th November 2022
Blind (2022) Episode 16 – Release Date – 5th November 2022

When Does The New Blind (2022) Episode Drop?

Blind (2022 episode 2 will air on 17th September 2022 at 22:40 on KST on TvN channel in Korea. The first episode was more like an introduction to the characters. Episode 2, however, will delve into the murders and the investigation.

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