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What Happened To Bobby Lashley’s Chest? Everything To Know

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has recently been making headlines on the internet after revealing about his huge scar on his chest. Yes, we are talking about the wrestler. Fans are worried and are wondering what happened to Bobby Lashley’s chest. Before getting into the details, let’s learn about his prominence. Starting from the basics, Franklin Roberto Lashley is not just a wrestler but also excels in mixed martial arts.

Born on 16 July 1976, Bobby is now 46 years old, hailing from Junction City, Kansas, United States. Also, he has an impressive height of 6’3″ feet and weighs 124 Kg. Talking about his MMA career, Bobby Lashley is very much prominent in Strikeforce and Bellator MMA. On the other hand, so far, he has won WWE Championship twice. Also, he made it to the ECW World Championship (×2).

In addition to this, Bobby Lashley has been the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, not just once but four times to date. Making his debut in wrestling back in 2005, Bobby Lashley became the United States Champion. Besides this, Bobby also made television appearances, one of which was Rush Hour, where he portrayed the role of Bar Thug. He has got some good acting skills as well, doing a few films. Some are- The Way Of War, Blood Out, etc. 

As far as Bobby Lashley’s chest is concerned, it got injured severely during the WWE Raw. Knowing that fans are wondering what happened to the wrestler. How serious was his injury? Briefly, everyone is showing their concerns about his health. It was also made to the Twitter account. If you are looking for what happened to Bobby Lashley’s Chest and an update on his health, here is what we know. 

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What Happened to Bobby Lashley’s Chest? An Update On His Health

From the outside, it may look good to see the wrestlers winning the match inside the ring. However, the injuries that these athletes often suffer from or struggle with are real and serious at times. Similarly, Bobby Lashley’s Chest has a big scar on the left side, which appears to be very much prominent and severe. What happened to him? 

Bobby Lashley wanted to earn the title of the United States Champion again. For that, he took the mic and announced that he wouldn’t give up on that. Thereafter, he fought against his opponent, Mustafa Ali, and the latter got unconscious and fell, getting senseless. That, on the other hand, gave Bobby a huge scar on his chest. People see that thought that it might be because of some injury outside the wrestling ring. 

What was the truth? Before that, Bobby Lashley fought against Seth Rollins, which ultimately injured him badly in his chest. Along with that huge scar, he continued to play, and that made everyone convinced that Bobby Lashley was a real fighter, irrespective of the pain that caused him.

The scar looked like a burn mark with blood coming out. You will be surprised to know that their match only lasted for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. That was very less compared to the other wrestling matches in general. In that short time, Bobby Lashley got injured in a nasty manner. 

What Happened To Bobby Lashley's Chest

Bobby Lashley

Still, it seems like Bobby Lashley wouldn’t give up so easily, as mentioned already. Well, it’s not known what the doctors have advised him or shared an update. However, looking at his determination and self-confidence, it feels like Bobby Lashley will be fine and fit very soon. 

Wishing Bobby Lashley nothing but the best for the upcoming days of his career. Well, it’s not the first time he got injured. Even earlier, his serious knee injury stopped him from getting into the Olympics level. However, everything happens for a reason, and he is undoubtedly doing great. You may give Bobby Lashley a following on his Instagram account. 

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