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The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 10 Release Date: Quick Money?

The Simpsons Season 34
Bart & Principal Skinner Team Up In Upcoming Episode! (Credits: FOX)

Another episode of the longest-running animation show, The Simpsons will be aired soon. The show never fails to hit the right spot of humor and based on what we know about the upcoming episode, we can expect it to be just as good. Last week we witnessed how Lisa and Nelson end up becoming a couple, even with everything being against them.

Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons first began airing its episodes on December, 17th, 1989. It will soon be 33 years since it started. It was originally just thought up by Matt based on his own family, and the clips of his series were featured in another show. When these clips started receiving appreciation from viewers, FOX network decided to launch The Simpsons as its show.

Simpsons has now become a family favorite, although there were times when it was considered inappropriate for children. It revolves around a family of 5, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. All the characters seem to have their trademark personality, with other side characters that make the show more fun to watch. The current season started airing on 25th September 2022.

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 9: Recap

In the previous episode of The Simpsons that was aired on November 27th, 2022, we see how the odd yet interesting couple, Lisa and Nelson, came into existence.

The episode takes us through many time skips, with Homer narrating each episode from a strange telephone booth. Lisa practices the speech she’ll be staying at the graduation ceremony and Nelson happens to be moving some stuff there.

The Simpsons Season 34 new Episode

Nelson and His girlfriend, Rott. (Credits: FOX)

They both talk for a while and later go to Nelson’s house which is on top of a bell tower. They start liking each other, but since Nelson is a bully, Lisa doesn’t imagine herself being with him in the future.

Lisa leaves Springfield after her speech and forgets Nelson. They later meet years later on a train, where Lisa and her husband Hubert Wong, Person of The Year in the show, travel. A buff lady catches a criminal and is soon followed by a grown-up Nelson. Now a Bounty Hunter, Nelson introduces his girlfriend, Rott (Rottweiler).

A quarrel between the group ends up happening when Nelson bullies Hubert again, causing Lisa and Nelson to go their separate ways again. After another 5 years, during the age when a USB can be plugged into the body, they happen to meet once again. Lisa and Nelson have both separated from their partners.

They go out for coffee but are interrupted by Hubert, who tries to win back Lisa. Seeing that Hubert still cares for her, she leaves Nelson once again. After another few years, they meet at a mutual friend’s wedding and finally realize their love for each other, despite Hubert’s proposal on the moon, or their specially built spacesuits that allowed them to kiss in space.

The Simpsons Season 34 new Episode

Nelson and Lisa finally get back together in the previous episode (Credits: FOX)

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 10: Release Date

The next episode of The Simpsons will be premiering on December 4th, 2022. New episodes of this series are usually seen to be aired on Sundays, with a single episode having a run time of 25-30 minutes only.

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 10: What To Expect?

In the upcoming episode, we’ll be seeing Bart coincidentally coming across a glitch in one of the online games he plays. This glitch could just end up being quite profitable, causing Bart to drag Principal Skinner into the illicit act. Meanwhile, Marge and Maggie seem to be in their own paradise world.

The Simpsons Season 34: Where To Watch?

FOX takes up the airing for The Simpsons. The show is usually seen on the channel at 8:00 pm ET & 9:00 pm CT. The show can also be watched online on FOX’website later, or on other streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Hulu or Disney Plus

Viewers from the UK, Canada, and Australia can stream The Simpsons a day later at Disney Plus as well, whereas Channel 4 (UK) hosts the previous seasons for now. Indian audiences can stream the show on Hotstar, where new episodes are aired at 10:00 am, Mondays.

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