What Happened On Love Island Season 9 Reunion? Martin Is Exposed

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Love Island Season 9 Reunion
Tanya, Shaq And Martin (CC: ITV)

We need to regroup when it comes to these Love Island Reunions. I think that Maya Jama was a great addition. Indiyah and Sam have been a great addition to the Aftersun throughout the season. But the Love Island Reunion and its structure need help.

Now on to the Love Island Season 9 Reunion itself. I was ready with my notes because I thought we were gonna get a show. But we didn’t get a show. We got a whole bunch of B roll montages and home updates that I didn’t care for because these people just left the villa last week. What could you really update us on? But whatever.

Love Island Season 9 Reunion episode starts with a performance from a woman that I don’t know. But maybe you guys know her. Maybe I’ll like her. I don’t know. But Indiyah’s face was mine the entire time. I was so bored with that performance, so let’s just move on.

What Happened On Love Island Season 9 Reunion?

The first couple on the couch was Tanya and Shaq. This was the only part of Indiyah’s face that was me the entire time. I was so bored with moving on, so the first couple on the couch was Tanya and Shaq. This was the only part of the Love Island Reunion that was given.

Maya asks Shaq and Tanya if they think that they said “I love you” prematurely, and they both say no. Now I think for Shaq, it wasn’t premature. Because as I was reviewing, I did think, “Is he playing a game? I don’t know”. But as the season progressed, I was like, “Oh no, he’s a lover boy. Like this is him for real.”

Love Island Season 9 Reunion
Tanya and Shaq (CC: ITV)

However, for Tanya, because of the events that followed – we’re gonna talk about the events that followed – I think it was puppy love, and it was the excitement of it all. She did say on the panel that she wouldn’t reciprocate an “I love you” if she didn’t feel it. But I’m like, “hmm.” I think it takes more than what she realized at the moment to really be in love with someone, and maybe she’s now closer to it. If not, they’re already.

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The Shaq, Tanya, And Martin

So part of the events that happened in the Shanya story was Martin. And as we know, Martin has been on podcasts speaking his mind and clarifying some things that happened in the show. Shaq called him up on it. Martin is saying that it happened. Shaq is saying that it didn’t happen. Tanya even asked, “was anybody else privy to this information?” Nobody wants to speak up… so that’s interesting.

For the people who don’t know, Martin went on a podcast and basically said that there are four points that Martin told Shaq. And one of them was that; outside of the villa, he would Sexually have his way with Tanya.

So I think that was very distasteful, and it was slutshaming. And some people on the internet felt like it was deserved because Tanya does present herself as a sexual person. But there’s a difference between sexual liberation and slutshaming.

Just because she’s a sexually liberated person and she’s in tune with her sexuality does not mean she then has to be vilified for it. And have her name dragged in the mud as if she’s a hie. That’s not the case. I’ve it was very distasteful. I didn’t like it. And that coupled with the things I can only imagine people were saying about her on social media.

I’m glad that Shaq really stood up for her. I’m glad that he let Martin know, “I wasn’t having that. And you’re gonna atone for it.” And I wish we didn’t have to be subjected to these damn B rolls and montages because we would have seen more of that. Maya Jama was talking about, “sorry, we don’t have time.” Well, you had that girl perform her entire song at the top of the show!!! OK, whatever.

Love Island Season 9 Reunion
Zara, Jordan, Indiyah, Spencer and Tanyel (CC: ITV)

Zara And Tanyel

We move on to Zara and Tanyel. Zara and Jordan are obviously dating. Tanyel was in the villa, having some kind of feelings for Jordan and Spencer, but both didn’t come to fruition. But Spencer did try to call her after her dumping, but she’s dating somebody else, and so is he. And then, with the whole Jordan situation, she feels like people did her dirty in her eviction.

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I mean, here’s the thing, Tanyel wasn’t feeling Jordan, and I think she is salty that she was dumped in the way that she was a dump. But I do agree that if Tanya, Shaq, and Olivia really felt the way that they did, they should have gone to Tanyel and said something because Tanyel wasn’t holding anything back, as she expressed openly how she felt about Jordan. She never led Jordan on saying, “Oh, it was more there…” But anyways, long story short, everybody’s where they need to be now, so it’s fine.

Tom And Samie

What else happened that is worth talking about? Oh, Tom and Samie then hit the couch. And Tom is asked if he feels like he led Lydia on. But his answer is, “I didn’t intend to hurt anybody. And if I did, I’m sorry”. Sir, that wasn’t the question. The question was, ‘did you lead Lydia on?’ The only answer to that is YES. The only answer to that is YES.

But anyway, Tommy’s angels, Ellie, Zara, and Lydia, hit the couch, and everybody’s playing happy family. When Maya asks Tam and Samie, “What was it you love about each other?” Sammie says, “Can I say everything.” Then to this, Lydia says, “I’m generally happy for the both of them. Then Ellie says, “I love Samie and Tom, and I love them together.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58
Zara, Ellie, and Lydia (CC: ITV)

Listening to them, I was like, REALLY? Because of how things panned out post-season, I understand why it’s happening this way. But I’m just like, “Oh my gosh.” I really wanted some energy from Zara, but she is loved up, so what’s the point in going in on an ex-connection? Like, she doesn’t care anymore. But I just wanted more than what this Love Island Season 9 Reunion was giving, and it just was not giving.

Will & Jessie And Olivia And Maxwell

Moving on, they also talked about The Three Musketeers. Honestly couldn’t give a damn. Casey got the shadiest moment calling Jessie fake and then turning around to Will and saying that she was genuine. Jessie and Will, along with Olivia and Maxwell, sit on the couch, and all of a sudden, everybody’s just a happy family.

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So Olivia says that she and Jessie spoke over Instagram, and they are gonna go for a little breakfast or something just to catch up. Oh, please, Jessie, this was your time to really solidify a fan base, OK. You could have given Olivia the business. Because we know this front is exactly that, a front. She annoys the living hell out of me to this day. I don’t care what image reformation they do for her. I don’t believe any of it.

In terms of Olivia and Maxwell, in the long run, I’ll be surprised to make it to the summer. With Will and Jessie, I can see them lasting a little bit longer. I can see them together. I don’t think that they will pass the threshold of the year, and if they do, I think they’ll be together forever. It’s either or. It’s very black and white for me. They are full steam ahead.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58
Jessie and Will (CC: ITV)

Will and Jessie were talking about moving in. He’s going to go to Tasmania. They’re gonna live in London. I don’t even know. They were talking about a lot of stuff. Jessie talked about her lack of tears, and she said, “well, maybe I need to drink more water.” That’s the conclusion.

I Wanted More From Love Island Season 9 Reunion

And that was basically it. They really didn’t get into too many people. I would have loved to see more from some of the Casa of girls. I would have loved to get Zara to give us the energy we were looking for. I wanted something from Tanyel as well. Especially since, like, the audience really loved her. I thought she was gonna feed into that and, like, really stir something up, maybe. But no, we got nothing.

Poor David was there as just an accessory. And a lot of those Casa of people who apparently were supposed to be dating each other after the show did not know who they were, had no idea. And speaking of dating outside of the show, Casey and Rosie call it an end.

They’re talking about they needed time away from each other, and they have a date scheduled on Tuesday. Anyways, that’s the Love Island Season 9. I think the Host was an elevation for this season. As for production, non-elevation, whatever the opposite of elevation is.

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