Kyle Sandilands Controversy: Why Did The Radio Host Faced Severe Backlash?

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Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands Controversy [Credits- Instagram-@kyleandjackieo]

Have you heard about The Kyle and Jackie O Show of Kyle Sandilands? Are you a fan of the radio host? Born in Brisbane, Queensland, on 10 June 1971, Kyle Sandilands, birth name Kyle Dalton Sandilands is a radio host and television personality. Currently, Jackie co-hosts the Kyle and Jackie O Show with Jackie on the weekdays of the morning radio program.

Sandilands is known for pulling offensive comments and stunts on air during his radio show. Sandilands began his career at 21 in radio in 1992 when he got hired to drive the station’s promotional vehicle at 4TO Townsville. Sandilands earned $255,000 during his snit at Hot30. Media has focussed on the negative personality aspects of Sandilands and has alleged Kyle of having a massive ego.

Kyle Sandiland
Kyle With His Family [Credits- Instagram- @kyleandjackieo]
The radio host has earned the title of the most-hated television personality due to his offensive comments about other media personalities. Kyle has been suspended and re-hired multiple times as a radio host during his career. Kyle replaced Ian Dickson on Australian Idol in 2005 that aired on Network Ten. Kyle surrounded himself with several controversies regarding his remarks on the contestants during his snit as a judge.

Kyle finished 3rd on Celebrity Big Brother, an Australian series, in 2002 as he competed to win the show. Kyle got his series titled Trial By Kyle aired on Network Ten, where Kyle passed judgment in the courtroom set-up on real-life cases. Kyle is married to Tegan Kynaston, and the couple have a child. Kyle has been open about having a difficult childhood.

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Kyle Sandilands Controversies-

Kyle Sandilands has been controversial since he started his career as a radio host. Kyle achieved a new low for even a controversial personality in August 2002 when he claimed that monkeypox was a massive gay disease and the only people who got it were gays. This time Kyle went too far in his language and allegations, and he apologized later as he received severe backlash. Kyle claimed no one was warning the gays.

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Kyle didn’t apologize for his statements. Kyle later tried to justify them, which angered the listeners at Sandilands. Kyle’s listeners were shocked in the show’s first hour when he made crude, sexist, and homophobic remarks. He stated he didn’t let any gay person near his son for fear of his son catching it.

Kyle further added salt to the wounds of several listeners when he further called a gay guy and confronted him by asking if he had seen the ugly scabs going around and whether he was scared of getting them. Sandilands further claimed he is risking his life as he has promiscuous gay colleagues.

Sandilands has earned a massive amount of money by making offensive comments and pulling controversial stunts like this one. He further questioned the doctor about whether or not his touching a gay person would make him get chicken pox. Some listeners wrote about Sandilands’ comments as they are not only hurtful but it is also unhelpful.

This wasn’t the only disgusting thing Sandilands talked about in this segment. He further told the story of him having sexual encounters with two blonde rats in a hotel in Brisbane while Julia Gillard was staying in the hotel room next door. Sandilands then said his coke finished in the middle, and he had to go to a nearby store to get the gear, where he encountered Australian Police Federation members he mistook for security guards of the hotel.

He continued stating he was panicked and scared as the women waiting in his room were on the hook or ketamine. This wasn’t Sandilands’ first controversy. He has previously been in controversy for his Virgin Mary Comments, where he claimed Jesus’s mother was a liar who got knocked up behind a camel shed.

Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands At American Idol [Credits- Network 10]
Sandilands later apologized for his comments, but it didn’t soothe the angry protestors. He has made comments on disability where he called a child who had disabilities a spider baby, and he has used the word mong to describe a contestant on American Idol; it is a term used for people suffering from Down Syndrome.

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The biggest controversy that received severe backlash against Kyle was a segment on his morning show on July 29, 2009, which involved a distressed teenager discussing her sexual history in front of her mother on air. The teenager admitted to getting raped at 12 while crying profusely and said her mother already knew that. Kyle continued and asked whether that was the only experience she had, but Jackie cut him off and apologized.

But the damage was done, and several of their sponsors pulled back, and media commentators, child psychologists, and rape crisis workers condemned the stunt, and the public expressed concern for the teenager.

Following this, Kyle got slacked as the judge of American Idol, and Network Ten issued a comment stating they didn’t support Kyle’s actions and that his content was incompatible. He later claimed he didn’t know about the girl who was raped but didn’t apologize for his taunt following her answer.

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