How To Watch Australian Idol Season 8 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
How To Watch Australian Idol Season 8 Episodes? Streaming Guide

How To Watch Australian Idol Season 8 Episodes? Here are all the details. Learn more about the program, its host, its style, and its streaming schedule using the post. After almost a thirteen hiatus, the audience’s favorite musical reality TV show is making a comeback. Australian Idol arrived to our country in the final season of 2003 and ran there until 2009.

The Idol series is the most watched television program worldwide. There are 55 adaptations, it is broadcast in more than 194 nations, and two point five billion people watch it worldwide, according to estimates. Even though The Masked Singer or The Voice and other reality TV shows have mostly replaced the musical dose, Australians have been eagerly awaiting the series’ comeback.

Australian Idol’s return was initially slated for October 2020, but the outbreak caused the event to be postponed. Then, when Channel 10 had traditionally existed the reins, Channel 7 will still be in command. A former American Idol competitor, Ricki Lee Coulter, will host alongside Scott Tweedie.

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Who won the previous seasons of Australian Idol?

The seven winners include three women. Till date, there have been 7 champions on the aforementioned show. In a contentious victory over Shannon Noll, Guy Sebastian claimed the title in season 1. In 2004, Casey Donovan won, and the next year, Kate DE Araugo did win Australian Idol. The winners in the succeeding years were Wes, Stan Walker, Damien Leith, and Natalie Gauci.

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Who will serve as the eighth season’s jury?

The new Australian Idol judges are Harry Connick Jr., Amy Shark, Kyle Sandilands, & Meghan Trainor. “I’m excited about the auditions. It will be fascinating to discover that hidden gem & observe how it develops during the season.

where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
The Jurors.

Idol has in the past changed the lives of many performers, so I’m pleased to play a significant role in that, said Amy Shark. Also returning is Marcia Hines, who will be a surprise visitor. “I am privileged to have been chosen to come back.

The best place to find amazing Australian talent is on Australian Idol. Such a voyage. She uttered. I understand that speaking in front of an audience is a difficult task, but I hope that participants would show their enthusiasm and vocal talent.

The initial judges comprised of Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Mark Holden, and Marcia Hines, and Kyle Sandilands & Jay Dee Springett subsequently filled those positions.

where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
The jurors.

Who will anchor Australian Idol’s eighth season?

The presenters of Australian Idol are well-known to the audience. The first team to claim the position was James Mathison and Osher Gunsberg, commonly known by their onstage moniker “Andrew G.”
The new season’s announcers will be former American Idol contestant Ricki-Lee Coulter and TV host Scott Tweedie.

where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
The hosts.

What does the host think about the resumption of the program?  In reality, the singing performance made a positive impact on my life 17 years ago. Returning here to take part in the performance is comparable to a nice full-circle occurrence. I have many wonderful recollections. Coulter told the reporters, “This program changes people’s lives, and I’m excited to find Australia’s next international superstar.

The competitor from season two suggests that you make sure you pick the ideal song for your audition. The song selection for an evaluation is crucial, in my opinion. In Adelaide, we noticed some people who were singing the wrong song.

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where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
The hosts.

Although there were superb singers, the show was lacking due to the song choice, she noted. I chose a strong song the following year, made it through the audition, and the rest is history. “When I took the audition the first time, I sang the song’s title, but I was not selected.

What is Angus Ross’ opinion on the revival of the Australian Idol?

At the moment, Seven’s Head of Planning, Angus Ross, proclaimed that “Idol is the landmark in the history of them all.” The biggest event in history will appear on Seven in 2023, and we already know Australians would adore it. We are excited to expand our range of prime-time programming in 2022 by bringing Idol back to Australian fans.

where to Watch Australian Idol Season 8
A contestant.

Even though we at 7 have the biggest television networks, Idol is the best of them all. Countdown to 2022 has begun! Ross added a bit. The most watched television franchise in Australia aired on Channel 10 from 2003 to 2009.

What time will the new episodes of Australian Idol Season 8 come out?

Every day of the week will see the release of a new episode of Australian Idol. At 7.30 p.m. AEDT on Ten in Australia, the first episode of Australian Idol Season 8 will air. The episodes of Australian Idol Season 8 will be accessible via the streaming services listed below at 8.30 GMT, 3.30 AM EST, 2 PM IST, and 5.30 PM KST.

How To Watch Australian Idol Season 8 Episodes?

For Australians, the first episode of Australian Idol Season 8 will air on TEN. While overseas viewers must match their local home with the ones listed above, they can watch Australian Idol Season 8 Episodes only through the TEN streaming option.

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