What Episode Does Charlie Die In Supernatural? Answered

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Do you love to watch a series filled with thrill, dark humor, and demons of all kinds, then Supernatural is a show you must watch. The fantasy series was created by Eric Kripke and had fifteen seasons with 327 episodes in it.

The show aired on September 13, 2005, and ended with a season finale on November 19, 2020. Each episode had a run time of 38-45 minutes. The show received an almost similar amount of love as the TVD show.

This show was a dream come true for Eric, as he was always interested in the myths and legends that the show’s storyline follows. The concept of the story is original, with writers taking inspiration from historical texts mentioning the myths and stories about evil.


The series has a unique plot as it’s an on-road series that follows two brothers, Dean, played by Jensen Ackles, and Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, and their quest for paranormal activities as they fight evil traveling in a car while blasting music. There are other recurring cast members who’re charismatic in their roles.

 A Brief Synopsis Of The Show Supernatural

The plot of the show follows two brothers and their fight against evil spirits and other supernatural beings. Dean Winchester is the older brother with a jock-like personality. He is someone who always causes trouble, and Sam Winchester is the younger brother with a goofy-fun personality. He is the one who always cleans up the messes caused by Dean.

Sam has the ability to sense spirits and have visions of people before they die. Dean has the ability to call spirits and has a strength no human has. Sam is never eager to join his brother and dad on their hunting sprees. Thus, he moves away for college and starts a life for himself until the love of his life, Jessica, is killed.


The brothers follow in their father’s footsteps and fight the evil spirits after their mother is killed by a demon named Azazel. They learn about their mother’s death through their father as he reveals their mother was killed in Dean’s nursery by an evil spirit.

Enraged by the revelation, the brothers decided to kill every supernatural being present on the face of the earth. The brothers lose their dad to the devil after he fails to keep his end of the deal with the devil and dies. This breaks the brothers for a while, but they come back stronger than ever. The show is an on-road series where the brothers are continuously traveling through different states of the country.

The first season follows a 26-year-old Dean reaching out to his brother at his university to seek help in tracking down their father after he goes missing during one of his hunting trips.

The season also sees the death of Sam’s girlfriend, following which he decides to join his brother in an attempt, to find their father and fight the evil spirits on their way. They find their father in the first season and learn the reason behind the death of their mother saving several lives in their search.

The second season reveals the demon Azazel, responsible for the death of their mother, and a fight ensues between them. The second season witnesses the death of the brother’s father after he makes a deal with the devil to save Dean’s life after he almost loses his life after falling into a coma. The brothers are successful in killing Azazel in this season.

The third season focuses on Dean making a deal with the devil to save his brother. According to the deal, Dean is given a year to live before he’s taken to hell. The rest of the series is about Dean coming to a realization about his impending death. The brothers learn about the demon who possesses Dean’s death contract and tries to snatch it away from her, which ends in Dean being killed.

The fourth season follows Dean’s journey in hell before he is given his life back by a group of angels who work together. The season then shows Dean and his struggle dealing with the guilt of torturing souls in hell and the feeling of joy he felt in doing so. The fourth season also sees Lucifer being freed from hell and walking freely on earth after the brothers kill the last seal.

The fifth season follows the brothers and their fight to trap Lucifer back in his cage in hell. The brothers in successful in their attempt to return Lucifer back to hell and can prevent an apocalypse after Sam throws himself in Lucifer’s cage to trap him.


The sixth season follows Dean quitting hunting and reuniting with his girlfriend. He is again forced to continue hunting when he’s attacked by a Dijin and is saved by his brother Sam. The season also sees Dean fighting to rescue his brother’s soul from Lucifer’s cage.   

The seventh season follows the brothers and their fight to stop Levianths, a human-flesh-eating demon who got released from hell by Castiel. The brothers try to kill the demons, but it ends with Dean being dragged to purgatory.

The eighth season follows the brothers’ fight against Crowley to find a demon tablet to trap the evil in hell. The brothers are unsuccessful in their attempt to close hell’s gate and almost kill Sam in their attempt to do so. The angels are also banished to earth in this season.

The ninth season follows the brothers and their attempt to return the angels to heaven. The season also sees a split between the brothers and Dean turning into a demon after he’s killed by Metatron.

The tenth season follows Dean being cured by his brother using human blood and the entry of a new witch who’s revealed to be Crowley’s mother. The highlight of the season was Dean’s attempt to remove the mark of Cian.

The eleventh season follows the brother’s fight against Amara, and Dean reunites Amara with Chuck, thus making her leave earth happily. Amara returns the favor by reuniting Dean with his mother.

The twelfth season sees the return of Lucifer and his using the President’s body as his human vessel. Crowley and Castiel sacrificed themselves in an attempt to kill Lucifer.

The thirteenth season follows the brothers raising Jack and Lucifer, renouncing themselves as God in hell. Dean successfully kills Lucifer but loses control of his body to Michael.

The fourteenth season follows the brothers and their fight against Michael and his demon army. On their defiance to kill Michael, God unleashes his fury on earth by releasing vengeful spirits on earth.

The last season shows the brothers reuniting for one last final hunt. The series ends with the brother’s death and their reunion in heaven.

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In what Episode Does Charlie Die In Supernatural?

The beloved character of Charlie, played by Felicia Day, came to an end in season 10 in the 21st episode after she lost a fight against Eldon. Charlie was a hacker who turned into a hunter and joined the brothers in their fight against evil. She helped the brothers in knowing about the whereabouts of Leviathan Dick Roman.

Charlie, in an attempt to save Dean from the mark of Cian, tries to decode the book of the Damned. In the battle with the Styne family, it appeared that Dean had destroyed the book. It is revealed later Sam has secretly saved the book and has asked Charlie’s and Rowena’s help in decoding the book.


Charlie and Rowena have a cold war going on between them. Unable to stand Rowena any longer, Charlie asks Castile to remove her from there. Charlie ends up going to a motel and continues working on decrypting the book to help Dean. She finally finds out a way to decode the book; at the same time, Eldon arrives and starts banging on her door, demanding she returns the book. She informs the brothers about what is going on.

Charlie rushes to the bathroom with her tablet and emails the brothers everything she has decoded from the book before destroying her tablet. Eldon realizing Charlie has destroyed the tablet by hearing the noise of destruction, barges angrily into the bathroom.

In an attempt to defend herself, Charlie draws her knife. The brothers arrive there only to find Charlie dead in the motel’s bathroom’s bathtub. Thus, the beloved character of Charlie ends in the tenth season.

Dean blames Sam for Charlie’s death, as Sam is adamant about curing Dean. The brothers give Charlie a respected hunter’s funeral and share bittersweet memories of the times they spent with Charlie. They remember the moment they met Charlie to train her to be a hunter and to see her moments before she died.

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