Blue Lock Chapter 208 Spoilers: The New Challenge

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Blue Lock Nagi
Blue Lock Nagi

We have great news for Blue Lock manga readers who follow spoilers week in and week out. This is because the spoilers for the upcoming chapter have been released early and we have managed to get full spoilers this time. With only a few days left for Blue Lock Chapter 208 to be released, then you should be glad to know that you can already read everything before most fans who strictly do not follow spoilers. Let’s look at what the next chapter will have in store for us as things are finally getting interesting based on the latest developments. Blue Lock Chapter 208 spoilers released are as follows.

From the latest plot developments, Nagi and Reo have impressively led Manshine C and now that their fierce battle is over, what could be next for these two? So they went to Blue Lock’s bath while Rio was playing in the pool but Nagi decided to just float around instead. Rio then introduces himself as the Man who has a 40M annual salary so Nagi decided to play along and just congratulated him. 

Reo jokingly teased his boss and asked him how it feels to get 80 million a year. So he believes that even if he tells the amount, then it will not make any sense. They seem to have lost the game so Nagi asked Reo if he isn’t happy about it. So Nagi might not have noticed it yet as Reo shows him his super goal video from his phone. Nagi managed to make a name for himself through that goal and it is now over the world and they should be celebrating it. 

Blue Lock Chapter 208 Spoilers.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 is titled ‘Two Pair” and Nagi has finally made a name for himself thanks to his super goal. But this was not enough for them to win the match because they ended up losing the game. It was Isagi who was more amazing, based on the way that Nagi sees it. So Reo thinks that this time, it is fine, and the fact that his hotline with him being world-class is more important. So he is happy that his power will make Nagi a super famous player. 

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Blue Lock Manga
Blue Lock Manga

Afterward, Nagi went to condition his hair and continued their conversation over coffee milk. Nagi thinks that he can’t imagine being the best in the world since he has been playing soccer just to beat Isagi. But he was also happy that moment as it was like a dream to him. He thinks that it might not be possible for him to be the best in the world next time. For now, he seems to have lost motivation. Reo tries to make Nagi feel better and tells him that in terms of Flow, the challenge level is too much such that anxiety seems to be getting better of Nagi.

But Nagi thinks that he is not anxious at all and he just does not feel motivated at all. So it is the reason why Reo suggested that he should change the challenge setting like a difficulty setting in a game since being the best in the world is too much. So Reo tells her that by the way, Nagi originally didn’t want to work and as he agreed, he also revealed that he wants to play games forever. So Reo then tells Nagi that he has to earn 3000M. 

Reo’s New Challenge

Reo continued to explain to Nagi that the average lifetime earnings of a Japanese man are about that amount so by the time the Neo Egoist League ends, he should be active and raise his bidding salary to 300M. And then after that, he will not have to work anymore and live just the way he wants to live. This means that he will transcend this money-driven labor society of capitalism and he can even have true freedom to do as he pleases. This will be the true joy of being a top athlete as Reo tries to convince Nagi to be motivated once again. 

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Blue Lock Kaiser
Blue Lock Kaiser

Nagi’s target will be 300M earnings for his new challenge if he is to accept it so he has to do something about it since it has been a while. It was once like this when Reo invited Nagi to play soccer. So he never thought that he could be fired up like this about soccer so he is grateful to Reo. But knowing Reo, he was a bit surprised since he knows that Nagi is not usually like this and asked him if he was going to die today. But Nagi told him that he was not, to which Reo just ended up laughing at him.

Reo thinks that it is not like Nagi to say something like that and he has scared him by saying something like that. He is now all grown up even though he seemed to be saying what he had thought. Reo knows that this is not the end for them but only their new beginning and also added that they are going to use Blue Lock to win and take over Japan’s national team. They are going to be the center of it and they will win the world cup. 

Reo and Nagi’s New Beginning.

Reo and Nagi have decided to have their new beginning and aim to win the World Cup with the Japanese national team. They will be going for the world number 1 and in Germany’s monitor room, Kaiser is studying Isagi’s play in his robe with a drink in a cocktail glass when Ness entered the room. Ness thinks that it is great that Kaiser is eagerly studying the matches. But his eyes will get tired and he should use Blue Light Glasses. 

Kaiser has managed to crush everyone that he has decided to crush until now including the lives of naive supernovas, class veterans, and even failed former superstars. So one could say that other people’s lives have always been his greatest joy and now Japan’s new Super Ace thought that he would just be another prey like the rest of them. But in that match, Yoichi certainly exceeded his expectations as he wonders why this would be so.

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Blue Lock Bachira
Blue Lock Bachira

Ness thinks that it might have been the result of his stupid choice to abandon the goal and come to show off to Kaiser what he can do as a strike but he did not think that Yoichi has beaten him yet but this only ends up with Kiser splashing a drink into Ness’ face. Kaser then tells Ness that he already knows that and was asking because he wanted to know why Isagi would go to such lengths only to define an absolute talent like him. 

Kaiser’s New Plan

 Isagi seems to be always getting in his way of happiness. He has also mentioned that Isagi is a game master who masquerades as a clown. But according to Ness, this does not change the fact that he is still winning. So Kaiser wants to know why he came to the Blue Lock. Ness thinks that it was to show that he could play with Noel Noa and be as good as him. So Kaiser tells him that it was to use the Neo-Egoist League system to win a better offer and leave Bastard Munchen. 

Bastard belongs to Noa now, so no matter how hard he tries, he will always be a sub and the system is centered on Noa s oh will never be the best strike in the world if he is still at Bastard Munchen. This is why he came to the league so that he can increase his market value so that the clown for that sake has grown even more than he expected. So if he hunts Yoichi now, his name will reverberate more all over the world. 

Ness then left Kaiser and went out of the room and once outside, he was clearly frustrated. He is upset that Kaiser has been like that while he was unable to do the same. Kaiser’s aspiration was a complete outburst and it also has a dark obsession with the Egoist Isagi and this infight will intensify as time goes on.

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