Moon Sua’s Letter to her Brother Moonbin Made Fans Cry

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Astro member Moobin passed away at 25 on 19th April 2023. For his memory, the family arranged the funeral privately. Only company colleagues, family members, and friends of Moobin were allowed. Therefore, to honour Moobin’s departed soul Fantigio arranged a memorial space in South Korea for fans.

A space where fans and other people too can leave flowers, stick a note or write a letter to the beautiful soul. After the memorial space opened, many fans, family members, friends, and even other idols pinned their letters to Moobin in the tree near the venue. The pictures of the letters are shared by South Korean fans on Social media.

Fantigio provided the front door of their company as a place for Moonbin’s memorial space. The space is filled with flowers and heartwarming letters from fans to Moonbin, which proves how much fans miss him, love him, and still remember him. On 24 April, Moon Sua, Jinjin, Seugkwan, and some other idols wrote a letter to Moonbin which was pinned in a tree near the company. Fans shared those letter pictures on Twitter which broke the hearts of fans all over the world.

Moonbin’s Memorial Space (Source: Twitter)

Moon Sua’s letter

Kpop girl group Billie’s members Moon Sua, Moobin’s younger sister, pens down a heartfelt letter to his brother. The letter was pinned on a tree near Binnie’s memorial space. The photo of the letter was shared by one of the fans on Twitter. The translation of her letter is as follows.

Oppa it’s me, your one & only precious little sister, Sua! I came too! I’ve cried too much so I’ll stop now! i’m gonna smile a lot now. I’m going to be happy while doing the things I want to do. I hope you’ll be in peace & happy there, You have to watch over me and see if your little sister is doing well here! I’m gonna to live well and work as hard as you do. don’t stop me. Even when it gets hard, I’ll often come to whine to oppa so you have to accept it. You’ve worked hard this whole time โ™ก

I love you so much and i’m oppa’s little sister forever.

Moon siblings forever.”

The letter made fans very emotional. It was a thought time for Moon Sua, as we know how much she used to admire her brother Moobin. When she made her debut in the Kpop industry, her only support and motivation were Moobin, even though she has mentioned this on many reality shows. Moon’s siblings were even one of the famous idol siblings in Kpop. It was tough for fans, too, seeing them apart now. We miss our “Candy in my ear” sibling couple, right? 

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Moonbin and Moonsua at Music Bank (Source: Twitter)

However, Billie has halted all their activities for the time being. It’s a very tough time for Moon Sua and she needs to prepare herself mentally first to get back to regular schedules. And hopefully, Billie fans are considering this decision of the group. 

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Sua left her diary

On Twitter, one of the South Korean fan pages revealed that Moon Sua even left her journal at the memorial space. The last page of the journal has another letter for Moobin. Moon Sua begins the letter with “To My Forever Brother,” then she writes it’s his one and only sister and asks him how it’s going there and asks him through the letter if he is comfortable there and living in a warm and peaceful place.

She further writes with the hope may be Binnie has lots of things there to smile about because he looks pretty when he smiles. Moonsua ends the letter by writing that she will come again to visit him, and she loves him today too. She even mentions “Moon siblings forever” at the end of the letter with the date 23.04.2. 

Fans speculate it seems Moon Sua is writing daily letters in her journal to her brother Moon Bin as a memorial. This made fans’ hearts cry more.

Jinjin’s promising letter to Moon Bin

Astro member Jinjin pens down a letter to Binnie too. In the letter, he promises Binnie that he will be taking care of Moon Sua and his family. In the letter, Jinjin writes that he will keep Moonbin’s promise and live with a smile just like him. He also writes that he will take care of his family and his sister Sua so he doesn’t have to worry. Jinjin ends the letter with “I love you so much, my litter brother.”

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Jinjin’s letter to Moonbin (Source: Twitter)

Moonbin’s bestfriend’s letter to him 

Moonbin’s one of the best-known best friend, Boo Seugkwan, a member of the Kpop boy band “Seventeen”, also writes a heartfelt letter to his best friend. Seugkwan was one of his old and best friends in this industry. Fans have witnessed their friendship chemistry a lot.

Seugkwan and Moonbin (Source: Naver Dispatch) 

Seugkwans begins the letter with Moongbingi; he assures him to wait a little bit because he will make the whole universe feel like him. He further writes he will give him a big warm hug when they meet again and ends the letter with “I love you so much”. 

Moobin was found dead in his apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, on 19 April 2023. The reason for the death was not disclosed as the family members of Moonbin wanted privacy in this matter. It’s a very tough time for Arohas, too; I hope they are doing well and keep Moonbin remembered as a beautiful star with a cute smile in their memories. 

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