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Aldatmak Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Aldatmak Episode 11: Release Date

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Aldatmak episode 11 release date is here, and we are beaming with excitement as we will reveal everything about episode 11 before it comes out. Before we get to the Aldatmak episode 11 release date and how to watch Aldatmak online, let’s recap the story so far. Previously, we saw Guzidey declare to everybody that “I submitted divorce papers!”

According to Güzide, she is now beginning to rebuild her life after it was completely ruined in one day. Güzide confronts the secrets her family is keeping from her and wonders if Tark’s lengthy sentences are accurate. Following the conclusion of Oylum’s legal proceedings, Güzide takes the expected action and retains legal counsel to divorce Tark.

She is committed to holding Tarik accountable for his betrayal. Along with his family, Sezai has been his supporter during these trying times. When Oylum’s deception is exposed, and his New York ticket is discovered, his father saves him by telling fresh lies. Because of his secrets, Oylum is consequently compelled to interact with his father and new family more cautiously.

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Aldatmak Season 1 Recap

Oylum doesn’t realize that her acts separate her from Taulga. And strengthen the barrier between her and her mother. Ozan is shocked by his mother’s attitude when the documents arrive at the house, and it is discovered that he has resigned. With the cash from his father, he felt relaxed, but Oltan’s underlying motivations are still a mystery.

Aldatmak watch online with eng subs

Meltem Baytok from Aldatmak.

Although Güzide, who has violated protocol since she gave up on divorce, believes she can defeat Yeşim, whom she underestimated, her opponent’s propensity for lying and the diversions she sets up are increasingly upsetting Güzide.

Oylum takes a stand to warm Taulga’s heart, who hasn’t forgiven him for what happened. Tark, who lit the asylum on fire for his gain, will aggravate Güzide further. Oylum is trying hard to organize her life before her departure to New York2 and starts to experience new problems.

With the financial stability that follows an unexpected professional opportunity, Ozan rediscovers his self-confidence. Güzide is skeptical of this news that seems too good to be true, but Ozan believes that he has proven himself to everyone. As a final resort, stuck in a deadlock, Tark takes Oltan’s advice.

Aldatmak watch online with eng subs

Oylum from Aldatmak.

Yeşim departs from Tark with the note she left there. Due to his concern over losing his young daughter Ykü, Tark is once more taken in by Yeşim’s trickery. Oylum believes that she has made progress toward her goals with the support of Taulga, despite the difficulties, but a nasty surprise leaves her in serious doubt.

Oylum is once again in danger of hearing the truth from his mother at the same time. Even though the poet gains the place, he deserves by organizing his life and proving himself to everyone, the bad luck that has befallen him will soon start to produce issues for him.

Güzide, who abandons everything, concentrates on her work. When another person observes this emotional connection between them, the old notebooks will be opened again while receiving the most assistance from Sezai during this process. Yenersoy’s family members are filled with remorse.

After her accident, she is in intensive care, struggling for her life. Tark, Ozan, and Oylum are dealing with the guilt they caused their mother while they wait for the good news. Finally, Oylum is crushed by the news as she prepares to tell her mother everything. Oylum, who has a history of lying, is in for some unpleasant surprises.

Aldatmak watch online with eng subs

Asena Girişken from Aldatmak.

On the other hand, Taulga is once more by Oylum’s side during this most trying time, and the two grow closer. How long can Oylum keep Taulga from himself to fulfill his dream of moving to New York? That we will have to see. When Yeşim visits the hospital, the conflict between Ozan and his father, struggling with the possibility of losing his mother, reaches a breaking point.

Oltan helps Ozan since he now wants to amass something in his own life. Ozan makes an error by trusting Oltan because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. When faced with the likelihood of Güzide’s passing, Tark is perplexed. He supports Yeşim against his family because he doesn’t even want to lose her no matter what, but he is unable to foresee what the results will be.

The Yenersoy clan will make new blunders while attempting to risk their lives as they encounter the icy face of death.

What Is The Release Date For Aldatmak Episode 11?

Aldatmak Episode 11 Release Date is Thursday, December 1. Aldatmak Episode 11 will air on ATV in turkey at 12 am EST. 

Aldatmak Episode 11: How To Watch

International viewers can only watch the show on YouTube the day after it airs on TV because only ATV currently holds the rights to broadcast it. However, keep an eye on this page because we’ll announce any recent developments as soon as we learn more about Aldatmak’s international streaming.

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