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The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Amazing Race 34
The Amazing Race 34's Episode 9: Release Date

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Amazing Race 34 episode 9 release date is finally here, and the followers of this travel adventure show can’t wait to watch it when it comes out. Here is what happened in the eighth episode of “The Amazing Race 34” before we dive into episode 9.

Participants in the competition extracted walnut oil participated in three medieval games, and exercised their memory while rappelling down a castle after traveling around Dordogne, France. In the end, newlyweds Glenda and Lumumba came in last, ending their voyage, while brothers Michael and Marcus took first place.

Michael and Marcus, plus Molly and Emily, who make up Group 1, will set off first for this leg of the marathon. Teams will travel 100 kilometers by car to Toulouse, France. Once there, they will search for their next tip. Luis and Michelle, along with Derek and Claire, all depart after only 15 minutes. Because of the friendship between Derek and Luis, these two teams will be collaborating today.

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What Happened In the Eighth Episode Of The Amazing Race Season 34?

The last members of Group 3 to leave were Quinton, Mattie, Aubrey, and David. All teams are using their vehicles, and there are a few alternative ways to get to Toulouse. Depending on the flow of traffic, any team could gain ground. Molly and Emily are the first to arrive and are far better navigators than the brothers.

The Amazing Race 34's Ep8 recap

A still from The Amazing Race 34.

Teams must sprint, roll, catch, and then score a dropkick with a professional rugby squad at the “Who’s Ready to Take One for the Team?” roadblock to get their next clue. Molly and Emily need six tries to clear the blockage, but they do so before other teams show up. Now that they are in the lead, they will set out for the Couvent des Jacobins to seek out a musician carrying their next piece of information.

Michael and Marcus, Derek and Claire, and Luis and Michelle practically all arrive at the barricade simultaneously. Being the first to finish the challenge puts Luis and Michelle in the second position. In third place, Derek and Claire are not far behind.

They decide to return to the detour together. Molly and Emily, who were in the lead of the group, made a mistaken turn and ended up getting stranded on a parking ramp. They lost enough time as a result for Derek, Claire, Luis, and Luis and Michelle to decide to switch bricklaying jobs halfway through the poetry detour. While that’s happening, Molly and Emily arrive in third place and immediately decide they want to lay bricks as well.

Derek and Claire are still struggling through French poetry. Back at the roadblock, Aubrey and David finish as Mattie and Quinton arrive. In the middle of the pack, Michael and Marcus struggle uncharacteristically with their navigation. Eventually, they find the next clue and decide to “Say Six,” as do David and Aubrey.

The Amazing Race 34's Ep8 recap

A visual from The Amazing Race 34.

In last place, Quinton makes quick work of the rugby challenge, so they’re still in this race. Teams have begun to arrive at the detour, escorted by Derek and Claire, where they can choose between two challenges. Teams participating in “Say Six” must memorize three passages from a French poem that will be spoken by three poets dispersed across the basilica.

Teams place bricks in “Lay Bricks” by imitating a precise pattern. Derek, Claire, Luis, and Michelle all go with poetry. Marcus, meanwhile, succeeded in getting over the obstacle on his seventh try. He’s a terrible kicker. Later, when Aubrey and David reach the roadblock, they are relieved to see that one team—Quinton and Mattie—is still in front of them.

In the first place, after completing the detour, Derek and Claire will move on to the next pit stop at Pays d’Oc in the Canal de Brienne. In second and third place are Luis & Michelle and Molly & Emily. Quinton and Mattie are again in last place and need help navigating.

The Amazing Race 34's Ep8 recap

A visual from The Amazing Race 34.

There is still hope for everybody because they finally discovered the detour, whereas other teams are still there. Derek & Claire arrive at the pit stop in the first place, earning this leg and a five-night holiday for two to Bangkok. See the finishers’ full order below. All teams—all except two—have arrived at the pit stop. The following team will be eliminated: Quinton and Mattie or Aubrey and David.

Both teams sprint to the pit stop after finishing the tense poetry recitals. Due to Aubrey and David’s early arrival, Quinton and Mattie are no longer in the running. So the Leg 7 results are as follows: 1. Derek and Claire; 2. Luis and Michelle; 3. Molly and Emily; 4. Marcus and Michael, 5. Aubrey and David; and 6. Quinton and Mattie and thus eliminated.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9 Release Date

The Amazing Race 34 episode 9 release date is November 16, 2022. The Amazing Race 34 episode 9 will air on CNS at 9 pm in the US. International fans can stream The Amazing Race 34’s episode 9 at 7:30 am IST (November 17), 2 am BST (November 17), 6 pm PT, and 1 pm AEDT (November 17).

The Amazing Race 34 episode 9: Where To Watch

The Amazing Race 34 episode 9 will stream on Netflix, Fubo Tv, the CBS app, Hulu, and DirecTV. Fans must keep a tab on the timing listed above to watch The Amazing Race 34’s episode 9 when it releases in their nations.

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