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How To Watch The Last of Us Episodes? Streaming Guide


With the series releasing super soon on TV, fans are curious about how to watch The Last of Us. The series will throw light on an action and fantasy drama series which shall see the world through the lens of an apocalypse. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have created the series.

In the lead, we shall see actor Pedro Pascal as well as Bella Ramsey, both of whom have worked together previously on the HBO drama Game of Thrones. Joel is a smuggler in the series whose purpose is to take Ellie, a teenage girl, across the United States back to the safety of her home.

The show is making insane waves among the fans, who are really excited to watch the series. Even the video game players who are aware of the series are truly excited to be a part of the same and watch it. Obviously, there are considerate changes in the series, not regarding the plot, but about some of the small details, such as the personality of the characters.

The first one which you will be able to spot in the opening episode itself is the fact that Joel can not hear properly from one ear. This is a result of a gunshot that yielded him wounded.

The Last of Us – Plot

Other details will include that Joel is hurt in the knees and can not stand for long. As for the same character in the games, Joel is a hero and the strongest person, but things will be different for him physically in the show. As for Ellie, whose role is reprised by Bella Ramsey, she is portrayed as a lesbian in video games.

Although, her sexuality is not clear in the upcoming show. Now, we will see that Ellie is actually immune to the virus, which is threatening the lives of millions in the country while millions have already died because of it.

How to Watch The Last of Us Episodes

A still from The Last of Us

This is what makes her insanely special, and thus, her parents want her back home to safety before the government finds out about it and takes her into their custody to develop an antivirus without their permission. Ellie is described as violent but quirky. She has a tough exterior but is a shift from the inside and does not want anything but to have the proper kin by her side.

The Last of Us Episode Schedule

The Last of Us Episode 1 Release Date – The 15th of January 2023
The Last of Us Episode 2 Release Date – The 22nd of January 2023
The Last of Us Episode 3 Release Date – The 29th of February 2023
The Last of Us Episode 4 Release Date – The 5th of February 2023
The Last of Us Episode 5 Release Date – The 12th of February 2023
The Last of Us Episode 6 – The 19th of February 2023

Note: The schedule is a temporary prediction and is subject to change as per the network’s demands.

How to Watch The Last of Us Episodes

The Last of Us will start airing on the HBO Channel on the 15th of January, 2023, as we have mentioned in the schedule above. According to the same, fans will be able to watch the latest episodes every week on Sundays at 9 PM Eastern Time.

Also, the live streaming option is also available through the channel’s official streaming service called HBO Max. New episodes will be available to live stream at the same time as during the official broadcast. There are the same options available through other services like Philo TV or DirecTV.

Fans in India will have to wait for yet another nine and a half hours before they will be able to watch the show. For the eastern continents in India, the episode will be available through Disney Plus Hotstar with a monthly subscription of just 149 rupees.

You can always upgrade at just 499 rupees a year, among other higher plans. Demand services will also be active for the upcoming series. They are provided by Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.

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