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The Last of Us Ending Explained: Why Did Joel Lie to Ellie?

The Last of Us Ending Explained
The Last of Us Ending Explained

The Last of Us of 2013 is a game with an amazing plot and millions of positive responses. It is an action-adventure game that is the masterpiece of Naughty Dog, the developer. Sony Computer Entertainment, the publishers and directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann have their major contributions too. Further, the game crossed 1.3 million units in its first week, which was like a celebration for the makers. Also, 17 million by April 2018, making the game one of the best-selling games. The game can be played with friends or without friends as it is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

But it can be played only in the third-person perspective and not in the first-person perspective. Talking about the plot, it has two protagonists, namely, Ellie and Joel. Players have the access to both, so they can switch in both the characters at a time. The story is truly based on surviving, winning, escaping, and infected people. Well, the ending needs to be explained. Just like the plot, the ending of The Last of Us is also good. So, in this article, players will get The Last of Us Ending Explained with the story.

What Is The Plot of The Action-Adventure Game?

The year is 2013, a little girl named Sarah gifted a watch to her father, Joel, on his birthday. But, later, this father-daughter beautiful relationship was about to end forever. An unknown plague started infecting people outside, and within minutes, a lot of people were infected. Joel took his daughter and ran away for life meanwhile he meets his friend, Tommy, and they escaped somehow in a car. But a soldier started firing on Joel and Sarah. Tommy appeared on the spot and saved Joel, but Sarah was dead. After 20 years, the whole civilization ended, and a few people were left who were in quarantine. Joel and his new friend, Tess, started smuggling and gets involved with Fireflies, a group that is against the bossy military of the USA.

The Last of Us Ending Explained

The Last of Us Plot

So, the group leader wanted Joel and Tess to smuggle a teenage girl Sarah. Now, all three of them took off, but they were caught by the military. They started testing them. Joel and Tess were passed, but as they started testing Sarah, she attacked them, and they escaped. Now, the real adventure starts when the government knows that Sarah might be infected. As she is immuned, the surgeons want her so that they can take out the infected part of her brain. This tissue might help them to make vaccines. Joel and Ellie are on a mission to escape anyway. You must be wondering where Tess is? Tess was infected, and she was forcing Joel to take Ellie to Fireflies again. Joel did the same, but Tess died soon in a fight.

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Last of Us Ending Explained

Joel and Ellie somehow reached Fireflies. Injured Joel came to know that Ellie is getting prepared for the surgery. The girl who told Joel to smuggle Ellie at the beginning explained that Ellie’s defective tissue of the brain will be taken out. In this process, Ellie might die as well. Now, this was something that sounds worse. So, Joel hurriedly gets up, and he was not ready to lose Ellie. He has already lost his daughter, and now, he doesn’t want to lose the other one.

The Last of Us Ending Explained

The Last of Us Ending

Killing everyone that came into his path, he enters the surgery room and kills all the surgeons that were present. He picks up unconscious Ellie and gets out of the place and the city in a car. Ellie woke up and asked Joel about the surgery. He lied that Fireflies had several immune people, but they were unsuccessful and couldn’t make the cure. Also, they have now stopped the trial as a vaccine is impossible. Joel lied just because he didn’t want to lose Ellie. Both of them reaches Tommy, Joel’s friend. Joel feels that they might be safe with Tommy.

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