Terry Crews’ Divorce: Here Is What Really Happened

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Fans are lately showing their curiosity about Terry Crews’ Divorce. Yes, we are talking about the popular actor who gained massive fame after appearing in Everybody Hates Chris. Terry Crews shared that his life changed because of Star Wars. 

Terry Alan Crews is a great actor. Born on 30 July 1968, he is now 54 years old. He hails from Flint, Michigan, United States. Some of his acting credits include Blended, The Single Moms Club, Sorry to Bother You, John Henry, Deadpool 2, Terminator Salvation, etc. 

He also hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Terry also provided his voice for the leading character, Duane Williams, in Craig of the Creek. Have you not watched him in the post-apocalyptic horror drama anthology, Tales of the Walking Dead?

Besides his acting career, Terry Crews is also a former football player. He played for Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, and a few more NFL teams. Talking about his position, Terry played as the defensive end and linebacker. 

Coming back to Terry Crews’ personal life, the actor got badly advised by his friends to encourage him to part ways with his wife, legally. Did he get divorced? There was a rough patch in his marriage and he suffered as well. It was not just him but also his wife who played alongside him. If you are looking for the details of Terry Crews’ Divorce, here is what we know. 

Terry Crews' Divorce
Terry Crews and Rebecca King

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Terry Crews’ Divorce: Everything To Know

Did it happen? No! Terry Crews’ Divorce didn’t happen. The actor didn’t part ways with his beloved wife. It was back in 1990 when Terry Crews tied the knot with Rebecca King-Crews. Based in Los Angeles, she gained massive prominence from The Family Crews. In case you don’t know, it’s a reality series featuring them. 

Talking more about Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca started her career as a model. She won Miss Gary during her senior year at Lew Wallace High School. Did you know that she is also an actress, just like her husband, Terry? Some of her notable acting works include- The Music Man, The Whiz, etc. Earlier, she also formed a gospel singing group, Chosen One. Besides her acting and singing career, Rebecca serves as the chief executive officer of Honeybear Music. 

How did things start between Terry and Rebecca? Both met each other at Western Michigan University. Even though it was not love at first sight, soon they started sharing a romance, while both were students. It’s been 32 years of their marriage and is still doing good. 

In every relationship and marriage, there comes negativity and downs. But, that no way means that the couple should ignore and part ways. Well, true lovers never do that. 

How did Terry Crews’ Divorce start making speculations among his fans? What happened between them? In 2010, they nearly broke up. Why? Because Terry confessed his infidelity to her and also about his addiction to watching sexual intimacy videos online. Later, the actor also shared that all of his single friends encouraged him to divorce Rebecca. In other words, he realized that they were jealous of his happy marriage with the love of his life.

Terry Crews' Divorce
Terry Crews is leading a blissfully happy life with his wife, Rebecca King

But, Terry Crews and Rebecca didn’t divorce in the end. They stayed by each others’ side, supporting and taking out of every difficulty. In addition to this, the actor also shared that their marriage survived as he blocked out the opinions of certain negative people in his life. On this note, he said, “There are certain people in my life who are always jealous of our relationship who may have not realized it.” 

Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca also shared that they reconcile and didn’t think about divorce as the actor promised her to attend therapy for the issues. Well, Terry and Rebecca share five children. It’s not that easy to leave a family, all of a sudden, once you start it. 

When asked about his wife, Terry shared that nobody can ever replace Rebecca. He also appeared to be thankful that their marriage never reached the point of no return as he felt like that was the real deal. 

It’s good to know that Terry Crews and Rebecca are still doing wonders, living with their children. Happiness is what they deserve. You may give Terry Crews a following on his Instagram account, for more insights about his life and work. 

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