Who Did Travis Scott Cheat On Kylie Jenner With?

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Want to know who did Travis Scott cheat on Kylie Jenner with? Well, their relationship does not need any introduction. It was their mutual friend who brought them together. In 2018, the socialite confessed that she always felt like she already had a close relationship with him, as they hung out very often. However, they faced several ups and downs in their relationship, like every other couple. Downs were mainly because of the cheating scandal. Before diving into it, let’s have a look at their prominence. 

Travis Scott is a versatile rapper. Some of his famous songs include goosebumps, BUTTERFLY EFFECT, FRANCHISE, Pick up the phone, STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, Mamacita, Mafia, Beibs in the Trap, etc. 

On the other hand, you all know Kylie Jenner, these days majorly for her cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics. Also, she gained quite a prominence for her appearance in her family show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Coming back to their relationship, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, all started back in 2017 when they were spotted at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, hand-in-hand. That was right after she broke up with her former beau, Tyga. What about the cheating scandal? This year, during Halloween week, Travis Scott spent his time, alone, without Kylie Jenner, in Miami. Then who was he with? She is reported to be an Instagram model. 

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Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner: The Cheating Scandal

Talking about the cheating scandal, Travis Scott was rumored to get back with his ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar. Both were reported to be romantically linked before, in 2013. She claimed that Travis was cheating on Kylie, “every single night.” But, it’s not the first time that Rojean came in between Travis and Kylie. The same thing happened in 2019 but they denied those rumors. 

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Who Did Travis Scott Cheat On Kylie Jenner With
Travis Scott is alleged to be cheating on Kylie Jenner with Rojean Kar

Recently, something came up on social media, which was supposed to be meant for Travis’ music video. Posted by Rojean, she added a caption, “I’m directing obvi”, adding a wink emoji. Guess what? The rapper was spotted in the background. But, later, she commented that she was unaware of Travis’ presence. People suspected Travis Scott to be cheating on Kylie Jenner, with Rojean Kar. 

The rapper took it to his Instagram account, denying the cheating allegations that were made against him. He shared that an uninvited person took pictures of the closed set, which he was busy directing. Travis added saying that he didn’t know the person and had never been with her, before. He got frustrated with the cyber games and fictional stories. 

In response to that, Rojean Kar denied what Travis claimed. She said that both knew each other and dated too, for quite some time. Also, she shared about having pictures and videos with him. 

You must be curious to know what Travis Scott’s recent girlfriend, Kylie Jenner had said about this cheating scandal. Well, she didn’t comment anything yet. Travis and Kylie share two children- Stormi Webster and Wolf Webster. 

Who Did Travis Scott Cheat On Kylie Jenner With
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Well, things between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are suspected to have become a bit rocky after the cheating allegations came front. Regarding this, things fueled after the rapper attended the Halloween party without Kylie. Well, are they anyway hinting at their break up?

Why was Kylie not with him at the party? Or, did she get busy with some work? People had these questions in their minds. The question is who would be busy during Halloween night, especially, a person like Kylie Jenner, who is always fond of doing extra? But, she is gorgeous, for sure. 

What do you think? Did Travis Scott and Rojean Kar date at any time? This curiosity is more as both shared different words on social media. Hoping it turns out to be fake. Best Wishes to Travis and Kylie for the upcoming days of their relationship. It’s been several years that they are together. We hope that they don’t get affected by these rumors and continue to grow strong, with their lovely kids. 

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