2037 Film Ending Explained: What Happened to Yoon Young?

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2037 Film Ending
2037 Film

2037 Film ending needs an explanation, and we are here for it. Mo Hong Jon directed the film. It released in 2022. The story follows a group of female inmates. We see the plot unfolding withing adults who want to give hope to a teenage girl who is just 19 years of age. She has been through a very tough reality and needs support. The cast includes actress Hong Ye Ji reprising the role of Yoon Young. She is a teenager who is imprisoned after committing a murder. Kim Ji Young enacts the character of Kyung Sook. She is the mother of Yoon Young, who is not able to hear properly. Hwang Seok Jeong does the part of Li Ra. She is a hacker at the prison.

The story of 2037 begins with Yoon Young. She has high hopes for life and has laid out her career plans as well. Yoon wants to become a civil servant when she grows up. When the film starts, she is living with her single, impaired mother while also working in a cafe. One day, while getting off of work, Yoong gets into an accident. She then gets raped by a worker who is at the same firm as her mother.

2037 Film Ending Explained
A still from 2037 Film

After a proceeding very provoking conversation, Yoon kills the man right after when he threatens to do the same to her mother. Despite what happened to her and how she killed the man in order to save herself, the law system does not hear her plea. She is imprisoned and is referred to as prisoner number 2037 for the rest of the film. This is where her new life starts.

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What Happened to Yoon Young?

Turns out that Yoon is pregnant. It is probably because she was raped by a filthy man. This news breaks her heart further, and she stops meeting her single mother because she is too ashamed of the news. Being alone, Yoon starts developing a bond with their fellow inmates at her prison in cell room 10. Each of these members has their own depressing story of how they got into the prison in the first place. They reach out to Yoon in order to help her cope with the pressure. Now, let us understand what happens at the end of the story.

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Yoon obviously has no choice but to keep the baby. By the end of the film, we see her due date is near. She takes some pills, which put her in a coma type of state. The next scene is when we assume that Yoon Young has almost died out of this situation, but her hands start shaking. On the other hand, her mother is looking through her ID Card and finds out that Yoon has actually passed the civil service exam.

2037 Film Ending Explained

It becomes clear that Yoon Young actually did not die at the end of the film. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Bo Ni. We see this child in a flower bed with Jang Mi and her husband. It feels like the couple has taken it upon themselves to take care of the child and maybe even adopt him, given that Yoon is still too young to do so.

The concluding scenes show that Yoon Young went back to her mother’s house and lived with her for the next 5 years. She is also seen graduating from the civil services after years. This is her story out of prison. Both Yoon Young, her mother, and her son are in happy places in the end, and it makes for a very satisfying ending.

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  1. This movie is emotional. And this is not a satifying ending for me. Maybe yoon will marry a guy she liked and grow that baby with him. Anyway this is my first korean movie.

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