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What Is The Vabbing Trend On TikTok: The Bizarre Trend

What Is The Vabbing Trend On TikTok: The Bizarre Trend

Do you know about the Vabbing trend on TikTok? Are you excited to know about the trend? If your answer is affirmative, then keep reading the article till the end to know about this trend. In today’s article, we will be revealing what is the Vabbing TikTok trend. But before moving to the section where we will reveal and discuss the trend, let’s first discuss a little about other TikTok Trends. So that you have all the necessary information about the topic, and this will make you understand the topic a little better. So let us get started with the explanation.

What Is The Vabbing Trend?

To explain in simpler terms, Vabbing is nothing but a mixture of two words, Vagina and Dabbing. TikTok users have started the trend of using their vagina fluids as perfume. This is the latest and the wildest trend that is going on TikTok. Women who are single and are desperately looking for a partner have adapted all of the means like sliding into DMs, making a profile on several dating apps, and even purposely bumping at people at grocery shops, and now they are trying Vabbing. If you are on TikTok, then you might know about this latest trend of Vabbing, where women use their vagina fluids as perfume and wear them in order to seduce.

What Is The Vabbing Trend On TikTok: The Bizarre Trend

The Vabbing Trend

Vabbing is the latest and the wildest trend that will attract potential partners, as per the reports. It is been reportedly said that the scent is a big part of the attraction, so people are putting their vaginal fluids as perfume in areas like the neck, wrist, and even behind their ears. Apparently, it is been said that it will attract potential partners and has even worked for some people. Vabbing, according to the Urban Dictionary, dates back to 2019 but it has been going viral recently with over 20 million views, and people are sharing if it is actually working or not.

The response to the trend is varied, with many people reacting with disgust to the idea of vabbing, while there are others who are actually trying the trend and sharing it on their social media handles. We have explained what the Vabbing trend is that is going on in TikTok recently. People have mixed reactions towards it, but certainly, some of them are trying what it actually is. What if it worked for them? Some big TikTok stars also showed disgust as to the wildest trends of all time.

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Other trends on TikTok

In the above section, we have discussed every bit of information about the latest trend called Vabbing. In this section, we will be revealing other famous trends on TikTok one can follow. Taylor Swift’s August is trending on TikTok, and it also fits because of the August Month that has started recently. Another trend called I am Sat has been going viral in which people are portraying their love for their favorite celebrity by showcasing that if they ever were in an argument, and their favorite celeb tries to calm down, they would.

What Is The Vabbing Trend On TikTok: The Bizarre Trend

The TikTok trends

Another trend called That’s not my name is also quite popular these days, where you can showcase your love by making a video of the funny nicknames you have given your pet or even your loved ones. Another trend called Night Changes was in the headlines when a user posted a video of One Direction performing the song at a concert. Since the audio gives off nostalgic vibes and feels, the users are using it to show how they have changed over the course of time.

In this article, we have discussed the ongoing trend called Vabbing. We have revealed every bit of information and what the trend is all about. In the above section, every piece of information is written, and how the trend worked has also been revealed. So read the segment if you haven’t yet. In the last segment, we also elaborated on other latest trends that are getting viral on TikTok these days. The highlight of the article was to discuss the trend of Vabbing.

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