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Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 24: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 24 Release Date
Main Cast of Gold Rush Season 13 (Credit: Discovery)

Episode 24 of Gold Rush Season 13 will release soon. Fans are so excited to see how the miners are going to face the difficult situation they have been continuously encountering because of the extreme weather conditions. Read till the end to know all about the upcoming episode of Gold Rush season 13 and how you can watch it.

Gold Rush encircles the story of the various excavators who are on a quest of finding gold in Alaska, to strengthen their financial conditions. During the great recession period in the year 2010, all of them lost their jobs, and the financial conditions of their families started getting weaker and weaker, so they had no option than learning the art of mining so that they can excavate gold, and sell it to earn huge sums.

Many among them did not know how to do mining and many did have any machinery that needs to fulfil their goal. However, they decided to take loans and borrowings so that they can purchase the machinery and go to Alaska to look for precious gold. Every year these miners excavate millions of dollars worth of gold and the whole story of their excavation is shown on Discovery.

The show not only depicts how these miners got themselves out of the difficult situation they encountered but also depicts the techniques of mining, the machinery to be used to mine and the challenges that they conquer to get a higher amount of Gold. Since 2010, Gold Rush has been successfully running on Discovery and has never failed to entice its huge fanbase.

Currently, Gold Rush is in its 13th season, and 23 episodes of it have already been released.

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 23: Recap

Mining is not an easy task, it involves huge machinery, skilled manpower and a good environment but what happens when all three create more trouble than giving productive results? The 23rd episode of Gold Rush season 13, titled Here’s Johnny explains how big hardships can be when it comes to mining gold.

The episode takes you to Yukun, Canada, where Tony and his team reach with the hope to mine a good amount of gold, however, because of the rainy season, mud and water levels start rising at the site, interfering with the work that Tony wants to accomplish. On the other hand, Michael Beets informs his father Tony, that even his machinery is sinking into the mud. Tony, along with Mike reaches the location and watching the big machinery gradually sinking into the mud shocks them both.

Gold Rush season 13 episode 23 recap

Gold Rush excavation site (Credit: Discovery)

Tony, Michael and Mike try their best to remove it from the mud so that they can get on to their work, but it is not an as easy task as it seems, it takes a lot of effort and hours to get it out of the swamp. Subsequently, with teamwork, they get the machinery out and start with their work.

Clayton Brothers are given a task to train newbies and to work overnight shifts, however, while working, the mistake happened at their hands of them. Even though all members tried resolving it as soon as possible, the outcome disappointed all as the Clayton brothers, found that the gold was very less in quantity than the targeted one, when measured. 

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Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 24: Release Date

As in the last episode the target could not be reached, and fans are curious to know how Tony and his team are going to achieve their objectives in the next episode. The release date of the upcoming episode is not far away, so, you should know when the episode is going to release in your region and how you can enjoy it.

The twenty-fourth episode of Gold Rush season 13 is scheduled to release on Friday, 17th March 2023, at 8 PM ET on the Discovery channel. The watching guide is given below which you should follow to watch the latest episode of Gold Rush season 13.

Gold Rush Season 13

A Still from Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 23 (Credit: Discovery)

  • Pacific Time Zone: 17th March 2023, Friday, 5:00 PM PT (USA)
  • British Time Zone: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 1:00 AM GMT (UK)
  • Indian Time Zone: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 6:30 AM IST (India)
  • Australian Time Zone: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 12:00 PM AEDT (Australia)
  • Philippines Time Zone: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 09:00 AM PHT (Philippines)

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 24: Where to Watch?

Each new episode of Gold Rush season 13 broadcasts every week on Friday at 8 PM on Discovery. So if you want to watch new episodes and have cable chords at home, you can enjoy Gold Rush on TV, however, if you cannot watch it on TV, enjoying the show online is always the best option.

You can watch all the latest episodes of Gold Rush on the official website Discovery GO. Additionally, the episodes are also available on Spectrum on Demand, Fubo TV, Pure Flix, Vudu and Amazon Prime as well. If you want to watch some iconic moments of the Gold Rush, you can certainly head on to YouTube.

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