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Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide


Vice TV’s fan-favorite “Dark Side” series has ordered another spinoff to its expanding franchise with “Dark Side of Comedy,” which features the stories of different comedians who have managed to shine their light during the darkest times with their humor.

Across its lengthy history, more comics than we would like have lost themselves to this dark side of comedy. Dark Side of Comedy explores these internal battles and personal journeys that these globally beloved artists went through with fame, depression, societal projections, self-sabotage, suicide, addiction, and so on.&nbsp

In last week’s episode, the sixth of the debut season titled Dustin Diamond, we took a look at how after grappling with fame, titular comic Dustin lost himself to end up tumbling into one disastrous chapter of his after another. The episode aired on September 20, 2022.

Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Episode 7 Preview

In the next one i.e, Episode 7, named after stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo, known for his appearances on the roast specials at Comedy Central which were televised, we will be taken through Giraldo’s life and career, which were both destroyed beyond repair by a toxic combination of self-loathing and addiction to the extent that he died by overdosing on his prescription medication.

The subsequent episodes will cover the stories of artists Brett Butler, Freddie Prinze, and Maria Bamford in a particular order.

Episode 8 from Season 1 of Dark Side of Comedy will feature the story of Grace Under Fire alum Brett Butler and how she gained everything only to lose it all. Episode 9, titled Freddie Prinze, explores the life of a middle-class Puerto Rican boy who broke through the acting and comedy scene and how his overnight fame was short-lived.

Finally, the season is set to conclude with its finale episode dedicated to actress and comedian Maria Bamford, who channeled her mental health problems into her work and encouraged others to follow in her footsteps.

Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Cast

Season 1 of Dark Side of Comedy is narrated by Canadian actor and stand-up comedian Dave Foley and will comprise 10 episodes in total, focusing on the following artists: Andrew Dice Clay, Chris Farley, Freddie Prinze, Artie Lange, Roseanne Barr, Dustin Diamond, Greg Giraldo, Brett Butler, Richard Pryor, Maria Bamford, all of whom fell prey to their art’s darker corners.

Godfrey on Dark Side of Comedy

CC: Godfrey on Dark Side of Comedy, Credits: Variety

In addition, the show makes features popular comics like the late Gilbert Gottfried, Maria Bamford herself, American actor and comedian Godfrey Danchimah, Two and a Half Men fame Patton Oswalt, comedian Pete Holmes, Marc Maron, known for his recurring appearances in Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the Late Show with David Letterman, Canadian comedian and actor Scott Thompson, African-American writer Cecil Brown, and so on, who weigh in on the various stories. According to reports, VICE Studios is quoted to have said,

“Through first-person storytelling, incredible archival, and evocative recreations, ‘Dark Side of Comedy’ explores the intensely personal journeys of the world’s most beloved comics, and the struggles that they encounter behind the mask.”

Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 is executively produced by Vice Studios’ Vanessa Case, alongside British-Irish comedian Paul Taylor and Catherine Whyte, Vice TV’s Senior Vice President of Production and Operations. Morgan Hertzan, who happens to be Vice TV’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, is the executive who will be overseeing the show. Moreover, the show is distributed across the world by Vice Distribution.

Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

Dark Side of Comedy premiered on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 9 PM on its official network, VICE TV, and new episodes arrive every week on Tuesdays at said time. Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Episode 7 is slated to air on September 27 at 9 PM. Subsequently, Episode 8 “Brett Butler” will drop on October 4, Episode 9 “Freddie Prinze” will air on October 11, and the final episode as of Season 1 i.e, Episode 10 “Maria Bamford,” will kick off on October 18, 2022.

How to Watch Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Episode 7

The documentary series is available to be streamed, though only after being purchased, on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

As realistic as it is, the Dark Side of Comedy series bears the responsibility of delivering the legacy of these women and men to the vast audience by allowing us to see the world through their eyes, thus immortalizing them in the process.

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