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Finding Camellia Chapter 66: Release Date, Spoilers & Hiatus Explained

Finding Camellia Chapter 66: Release Date, Spoilers, Where To Read & Hiatus Explained

Finding Camellia is a story about the life of Camellia. Born out of wedlock, she never really knew her father. Her mother, Laura, was lovely but extremely poor. She used to go from home to home begging for food. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she went from one place to another, staying with beggars and vagrants.

When it was just her, Laura could make do, but it became impossible after Camellia was born. When her baby got sick, she sold her body for the first time to the town doctor. Cammelia had inherited her father’s features. She had beautiful blonde hair and emerald eyes, unlike anyone else. Her mother, Laura, was always in a state of panic.

Almost as if she knew she was being pursued. After 12 long years, they caught up to her. They found Camellia playing outside. The one who came to take her away was Anastacia Bale. She asked Camila where her mother was. She said that she was working. Anastacia tells Camellia that her mother is sick. This makes Camelia extremely worried, and she tries to run to her side but is stopped. 

Anastasia has her brought back to her Mansion. Camellia wakes up in a daze. She is baffled by the beauty of the place that she is in. She wonders if she has died and gone to Heaven. There is a woman there to tend to her needs. She has supper prepared for her and asks her to eat. However, the only thing she wants to know is about her mother. 

She is given a bath and given an audience with Anastasia. Camellia asks when she can go back to her mother. Anastasia explains that she can never go back to her. She clarifies that her mother stole something important from them a long time ago. But Camellia refuses to believe that her mother is capable of something like that. She pleads to return whatever it was her mother stole.

Bur Anastasia had other plans. She has a pair of scissors brought over and starts cutting her hair short. She tells her that if she promises to live as Camellius Bale from now on, nothing bad will happen to her mother. She has no choice but to accept. Camellia sees a picture of her father and remembers how her mother always said that she is his spitting image. Which now can see for herself.

Finding Camellia Chapter 65 Recap – The Story So Far

In Finding Camellia Chapter 65 we saw Lord Claude talking with Camellius before heading North. Claude apologizes for the past night for kissing him. Claude does not know that Camellius is indeed Camellia. He apologizes profusely and urges him to forget about the whole ordeal. Camellia is not thrilled with the fact that Claude is apologizing. 

She is almost to tears. Claude tries to console her, but she swats his hand away. Clause asks if he should call for the maidservants. Camellia stops him and tells him she is fine and that she wants to rest. With that, she retreats back to her room. Now outside, Claude still can’t stop thinking about their interaction. One of the servants approaches him, and he directs them toward Camellia’s room.

He checks up on her and runs into the same servant from before. He enquires about her condition. The servant thanks him for bringing her condition to her notice. She informs him that Camellia had her medicine and has drifted off to sleep. Claude goes in to see her one last time. Since after he leaves, he won’t be able to see her for several years. 

He goes into her room and sits on her bed. Camellia is mumbling in her sleep about how it’s warm. Claude tries to readjust her blanket, and he freezes. He sees a glimpse of her cleavage. He is baffled at sight. He questions his ability to see. He finally realizes one thing. That Kieran was lying to him all this time. Camellius is indeed not what everyone thinks he is. 

Finding Camellia Chapter 66 Spoilers – What To Expect From The Next Chapter?

With Chapter 65, Season 2 of Finding Camellia has ended. The Season finale left us on a cliffhanger. Lord Calude, or should I say, Grand Duke Claude, has found out that Camellius is, in fact, Camellia. It is clear what Claude intends to do with this information. I am sure he must feel betrayed. His feelings for Camellius were proved to be completely misguided.

Furthermore, this could stem from trouble for Camellius also. If he were exposed to a world like this, it would be a disaster. For her and the Bale Family. However, whatever feelings Claude had for Camellius should stop him from doing anything too drastic. We will have to wait longer for Finding Camellia Chapter 66 as it’s a new season after all.

Finding Camellia Chapter 66 Release Date – Hiatus Explained & When To Expect The Upcoming Chapter

Finding Cameila Chapter 65/Season 2 ended back in November 2022. If we are to look at the pattern, Season 2 was released almost exactly three months after the end of Season 1. Therefore, we can assume Season 3 should be released after a similar timeframe. It’s been over three months already. 

But without any official statement from the studio, there isn’t anything you can do but remain patient. However, there is one other thing you can try. Since the Manhwa is based on a Novel, you could try your hand at giving the Novel a read. The links to the same will be mentioned below. 

Finding Camellia Chapter 66 –  & Where To Read

You can read Finding Camellia Manhwa on either RIDI Books or Manta. Please make sure you are using legitimate websites at all times. There are several websites on the web that might look similar and might even have what you are looking for. However, the site could be riddled with pop-ups and trackers. Therefore, be careful what you share on those websites. 

Furthermore, if you want to check out the novel, you can use Naver Series or RIDI Books. Once again, these links are to the Novel and not the Manhwa. You might be asked to make an account while using Naver to access the chapters. If you don’t already have one, you can use your existing Facebook account to sign up instantly. Otherwise, you can sign up the old-fashioned way using your Email ID

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