Richard Blackwood Partner: Who Is The Actor Dating Right Now?

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Richard Blackwood (Credits: IMDb)
Richard Blackwood (Credits: IMDb)

British actor and rapper Richard Blackwood is most popular for starring in the soap operas EastEnders, and Hollyoaks. The fifty years old actor first started his career as a host for the British show, Singled Out, which he hosted till he got his own show, The Richard Blackwood Show, to present in 1999. 

Once the actor became a common face on television as a presenter, he put out his first single, “Mama Who Da Man,” in 2000, which charted number twenty-three on the UK Singles Chart. The same year the rapper also released two more singles, “ Get with the Wicked” and “Someone There for Me,” which also stayed on the UK Singles Chart for some time.

The singer explored his acting career first with the comedy show called Brass Eye in 2001, which got him a lead role in Ed Stone Is Dead, which was released in 2002. He has also starred in a Bollywood film titled, Don’t Stop Dreaming, released in 2007. All these appearances helped Blackwood establish himself in the industry as an actor and comedian. 

In January 2015, the multi-talented celebrity was confirmed to be a part of the British soap opera EastEnders in which he starred till 2018, after which he got on a reality show called Dancing on Ice, where he was paired with the professional ice skater Carlotta Edwards. The actor was also a part of another soap opera called Hollyoaks. 

Richard Blackwood in the show, EastEnders (Credits: BBC)
Richard Blackwood in the show EastEnders (Credits: BBC)

Though Blackwood has not had a very memorable and impactful career, the soap opera Hollyoaks did turn out to be slightly rewarding for him. It got him nominated for the Soap Actor of the Year award at the TRIC award show and for a National Television Award for Serial Drama Performance. 

Blackwood had a well-enough music career as a rapper, and his songs charted well too, but the rapper has not been very active in terms of music and has devoted himself completely to acting. His long acting career is finally reaping results, but not at a fast enough pace, considering his slow career forced him to announce bankruptcy back in 2003. 

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Richard Blackwood Partner: The Actor’s Present Love-Life

The actor-slash-comedian-slash-rapper does not really have the presence of a big star in the industry, which may be the reason why not much is known about his dating life or anything of his private life. The actor has been secretive about his love life, and not much is known about who he has dated in the past. 

The actor has not been in any dating scandal ever since his thirty years long celebrity career. Whatever is known of the actor’s dating life is mostly based on speculations made by curious people on the internet. The actor has never publicly revealed or made announcements on his social media about any potential girlfriend ever.

Though there is absolutely no information on the actor’s present relationship status, nor is there any information available on any of his past relationships, the actor is confirmed to have a son named, Keaun, who is said to have been born somewhere in January 2001. 

Richard Blackwood and son Keaun (Credits: Instagram)
Richard Blackwood and son Keaun (Credits: Instagram)

The actor has posted numerous pictures of his son and himself on his Instagram, but there has been no mention of the child’s mother. Blackwood is currently speculated to be single and living happily with his twenty-two-year-old son.

It also assumed that the actor has never been married and probably had his son out of a passing relationship. He has kept himself busy trying to make it big in the industry, and that might be one of the reasons why the actor has not dated anyone from the industry or somebody outside of it. 

The actor cum rapper is currently living a happy and fulfilling life with his son, and we hope the two continue to share their precious bond for a long time. 

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