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Where Is Dancing On Ice Filmed? Locations Revealed

Dancing On Ice Contestants
Dancing On Ice Contestants

As the name very rightly suggests, ‘Dancing On Ice’ is a British series based on the sport of figure skating. Figure skating is a specific winter sport where individuals step on bare ice to try figure skating. This is an exciting and aesthetic winter sport that includes figure skating on ice.

The British television show, ‘Dancing On Ice’, has a unique premise. Under the aegis of experienced judges and professionals, celebrities demonstrate their figure skating skills. The panel of judges meticulously oversees celebrities for their figure skating skills and presentation.

Dancing on Ice

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Keeping the British audiences glued to their television, ‘Dancing On Ice’ tries to add an element of surprise and excitement to every part of the show. The show is quite glamorous because it features celebrities and their partners who gracefully dance on thin and bare ice.

Viewers always have this specific doubt about the filming locations of ‘Dancing On Ice’. The show has been so successful across Great Britain that every young Brit knows this show or at least has heard of it.

Dancing On Ice Contestants

Dancing On Ice Contestants

The charm of ‘Dancing On Ice’ is also because of the Olympic-level trainers and erstwhile champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. These two champs are known widely as the best ice-skating duo in the whole wide Britain.

Jayne and Christopher play the part of mentors in this show. They train the dancers and comment on their form and structure. Ice or figure skating is as much technical as it is glamorous, and this show clearly represents this truth.

Dancing On Ice is routinely streamed on the British channel, ITV, and it is also available online on various websites and streaming platforms in the UK as well as in other parts of the world. 

Due to the unique concept of the show, ‘Dancing On Ice’ has become a massive hit in the UK. It appears like a reality show, but it is a television series with contestants vying for the tag of a best figure skater.

Every episode of the show has a performance at the beginning, where Jayne and Christopher present their moves and choreography by means of ice skating or figure skating. Though, many episodes also have solo performances by Jayne Torvill.

Throughout the show, there is also a head coach, Karen Barber, and she is tasked with preparing the contestants for the live show of dancing on ice. In this particular segment, all the celebrities have to present their dancing skills while doing figure skating.

Dancing On Ice Jayne Torvill and Chris

Dancing On Ice Jayne Torvill and Chris

Where Is ‘Dancing On Ice Filmed? All Locations Revealed:

When the audience looks at the beautiful sets of the show, they cannot help but wonder about the location where the show was filmed. This has been a query of almost every Brit who enjoys watching ‘Dancing On Ice’.

Many fans are of the opinion that the creators and the producers of the show used live locations for the filming of Dancing On Ice. The sets look very real and absolutely pretty, and it feels as if the show has been filmed in some faraway locations in the Nordic countries, such as Finland or Norway, where the ice subsists for the entire year.

However, that is not the location used by this show, even if it seems entirely real. As per the reports available, the crew of Dancing On Ice has built studios with artificial snow and ice rinks which resemble true and existing locations in many cities.

The real filming location of ‘Dancing On Ice’ is the ‘George Lucas Stage’, which is available at Elstree Studios. Elstree Studios is a film and recording location present in a place called Hertfordshire in the UK. It has many sets operational for the use of TV shows and series.

Dancing On Ice was filmed in the Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire from 2006 to 2010. Thereafter, the team changed their location to Shepperton Studios, which is located in Surrey, England, UK.

After this, some renovation was done to the existing studios, and the sets were modernized as per the existing requirements. In 2018, when the revival series was aired in the UK, the filming location used for the show was RAF Bovingdon, which is a modern and specifically made studio in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, UK.

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