Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 49: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

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Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 49
Family Rivalry Killing Battle Manga Series

What happens when you have nowhere to go but are forced to play some kid’s games to survive? More like a life-or-death situation because if you lose, you get killed in an instant, and what gets more brutal is when you have to watch your own family get killed in front of you. Yes, it’s that kind of horror survival manga, which is gruesome to watch, but if you like those, then let’s move forward with this article.

Family Rivalry Killing Battle is a Seinen manga written by Sugahara Keita. It’s a supernatural-horror genre with a gory and psychological theme, and its story revolves around a family of five competing with other families. And whichever family loses gets killed without any mercy. We are going to talk about the release date, spoilers, and more, but before we do that, let’s get into a quick overview of how it all started.

The story is about Masahiko Mariyama, who has a family of five, and he is very likely a distasteful person to his family. He is easily frightened by small things like insects, and he usually does not keep things in place, as his wife suggests. His daughter is disgusted with him, his son ignores him, and his mother has dementia but loves everyone in her family and talks to everyone with a big smile on her face.

So it’s just another usual day: his son and daughter leaving for school, his wife shouting, his mother mistaking him for his son, and him leaving for work. For Masahiko, it’s a peaceful day; apart from all the other bad habits and scolding, he tends to keep it cool and likes to focus on his office work. Masahiko was waiting for the bus to arrive, but it sure was late. The street was oddly empty, and he didn’t want to be late.

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Family Rivalry Killing Battle Intro

He saw three costumed people pass by out of nowhere, but there was no event going on for them to be wearing these strange-looking doll and hippo costumes. But soon, Masahiko realized that there was no phone service, no bus, and, strangely, no one in the whole town. Then suddenly, a broadcast was announced, which called out to people and told them to come to Amadate Minami Park with the whole family.

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And from there, the horror game began, as it was these costumed dolls he had seen earlier, but they were real. These families were actually summoned to the same town but to a place where these monstrous dolls like to play a life-or-death game. If they don’t play according to their rules, they get a horrible death. The Mariyama family must now deal with everything as a unit and remain on each other’s side.

Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 48: Recap (Spoilers)

In this chapter, we see Nomoto and the president feeling helpless as Masahiko comes to defeat them with his giants, and this time Masahiko doesn’t listen to the president’s apologies because he’s tired of hearing them. Masahiko no longer wants to talk to or see the president, and he no longer wants to be in his presence.

Shizuka wished for Masahiko to get those giants, as they would do what he wanted and he could use them to save his family. She doesn’t believe that with this, her crimes will be erased, but this is the least she can do to atone for her sins. She surely believes she should die, but Masahiko wants her to come with him so they can escape together.

They are planning to escape from the hole, which has to be somewhere, but now the uncle’s diary is gone, where it had given the location. They believe this diary will save them, and they need to find it before the town gets engulfed in flames at noon. Shizuka remembered Sarah giving it to her as she retrieved it at Amadate Peak, but Shizuka left it behind.

Masahiko needed to unfreeze his family first, but he was attacked himself, and if he got touched, then his whole family would be frozen. But Saeko helped him get away, and so he unfroze his family and others. Now they ran for the diary and checked the location of the hole.

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Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 48
Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 48 Poster

Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 49: Release Date

If you are keeping up with this manga, then you probably know the last chapter arrived on February 14, so the next chapter, i.e., Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 49 is anticipated to release on February 21, 2023.

Family Rivalry Killing Battle Chapter 49: Where to read

All the chapters of this manga are available on its official page of Kurage Bunch. If you’re excited, make sure you don’t miss the upcoming chapter release on the above-mentioned date.

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