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League of Legends Nilah Release Date: Character’s Gameplay And Abilities

League of Legends Nilah
League of Legends Nilah

Nilah, The Joy Unbound, a brand-new melee marksman for League of Legends, is about to be released. Naturally, we were already aware of that because Riot Games’ champion teaser, which debuted last week, informed us of it. We were unaware of the release date and skills for League of Legends Nilah, but Riot has now revealed the information fans have been wanting to hear.

Nilah is envisioned by the studio as “the superstar of the team, slicing through team fights and doing tremendous amounts of damage,” all while being backed by her supporting teammates. Let’s discuss the League of Legends Nilah release date, her skills, and everything else that has been made public so far about our next bot lane star.

And the official release date for Nilah in League of Legends has been disclosed by Riot Games after much speculation. Nilah, The Joy Unbound, had been hyped for several weeks prior to the release of her official trailer on June 17. She can be seen running around the Rift in her trailer thanks to a water demon that grants her the skills she possesses. In the upcoming weeks, followers may anticipate learning more about her. When the melee ADC officially enters the Summoner’s Rift, Riot also recently confirmed that she would receive a Star Guardian skin.

League of Legends Nilah Release Date

League of Legends Nilah will be release date on July 13, 2022. During a recent press conference, Riot stated that the new champion would debut in LoL patch 12.13. According to Riot,  Nilah is a “warrior ascetic from a remote territory, seeking the world’s scariest and most colossal opponents so she may face them with an unbreakable grin”. She gained her power after a battle with the long-imprisoned demon of joy, and as a result, she only experiences constant joy. She now uses this feeling as a weapon by summoning the demon’s crystalline, liquid form into her hand to protect the planet from long-forgotten threats.

Nilah in League of Legends Trailer

Nilah in League of Legends Trailer

League of Legends Nilah Gameplay

Lead gameplay designer Blake Smith stated in a recent development Q&A that although Nilah shouldn’t be blindly pickable from outside the bot lane, there might be other matchups where Nilah can succeed. By examining her skill set, we can assume that Riot will attempt to balance her around her ability in order to make sure she primarily stays in the 2v2 lane. Because the team doesn’t want Nilah’s playstyle to turn into relentless all-ins from the start, Smith claims that Nilah is a character who has weaker early game powers than other skirmishers.

Smith believes she will mostly be selected when teams can create a competition around her when it comes to her pro-play viability. Additionally, if the prerequisites for her success are not reached, she won’t be a priority choice.

Furthermore, according to Smith, Nilah will be great when played with a different style of support, even though she will perform best when partnered with an enchanter like Janna or Lulu because to how they interact with her own kit. When developing Nilah’s passive, Smith smiles and explains that at first, the studio thinned it down to just shielding and healing since it was too much. Originally, she received duplicates of all positive buffs thrown by her allies.

Nilah in League of Legends Gameplay

Nilah in League of Legends Gameplay

The creator mentions that Nilah struggles against types like mages that can persistently harass her as one of her vulnerabilities. She doesn’t have the strongest all-in potential, which mages are often vulnerable to, and they can deal a lot of damage because she is closer to them in range, according to Smith. She needs to depend on her support at this point to either make that person disappear for her or help her get through it. She also has a drawback in that, being a melee character, she is somewhat more vulnerable to CC. Therefore she can occasionally struggle with tanks that can CC and prevent her from doing what she wants.

League of Legends Nilah Abilities

Nilah’s skills give her the tools to survive typically ranged matchups with a focus on close-quarters combat while allowing her and her support plenty of opportunities to trade back. And here are some of her abilities.

Nacre Slash

Active: Nilah can dash on a target while using this ability to strengthen her next strike. With this empowerment, Nilah can strike a target twice and launch an arc-shaped blow that hits her target and nearby foes. Nilah’s empowered double-second hit’s strike marks all nearby foes and damages them after a short delay. The amount of targets that have been marked determines how much damage is dealt on the second hit.

Passive: Every time Nilah uses an ability, her next three attacks deliver more damage. Her third attack will do twice as much damage and restore 50% of her Q’s cooldown.

League of Legends Nilah

League of Legends Nilah Abilities – Tide Bubble

Tide Bubble

A water orb can be thrown by Nilah in any direction. This water ball will explode when it collides with a champion or piece of terrain, damaging and slowing any foes nearby. However, this blast also produces a kind of mist that surrounds hit champions and all-terrain vehicles. The effect lasts for ten seconds. However, it will end four seconds after a champion from an ally steps inside the limits. Within this mist, Champions won’t be able to utilize auto attacks.

Reluctant Friendship

Nilah extends herself in the direction of the target while using her whip. This whip binds an enemy with Nilah for three seconds after impact. Beyond a distance of 1000 units, the whip will snap.

Recast 1: Nilah has the ability to stretch her whip and aim it toward a different target. This whip has the ability to strike a different target or piece of ground and produce a second tether. Nilah will then be given a second recast after that.

Recast 2: The tethered targets will be drawn together if Nilah taps E. If the victims are champions, the collision stuns them. The targets will be damaged and slowed down when they strike. Nilah will, however, be dragged into the area where the targets are if she clutches E.

Promise of the Ocean

The elastic arena Nilah creates circular and lasts for 8 seconds or until she is still within. Regardless of her range, Nilah will strike anyone in the arena. It will push enemies inside the arena who attempt to leave it. Nilah will be able to land her W and E skills on the boundaries of this arena as turf. While Nilah is inside this arena, she also has an increased movement speed and is immune to collisions.

League of Legends Nilah

League of Legends Nilah Abilities – Promise of the Ocean

Joy Unending

When Nilah last hits a minion, she gains 50% of the experience that would otherwise be shared with neighboring allies and the closest allied champion. The heals and shields that her allied champions grant her increase Nilah’s effectiveness. Nilah gives herself and her ally the extra benefit when a close ally casts an ability that cures or shields Nilah or themself.

Formless Blade

Passive: Nilah is healed for a portion of the damage inflicted by attacks and abilities that target champions despite parts of their armor. This effect can overheal and increases with hit chance, giving Nilah a shield.

Active: All foes hit by Nilah’s line-of-strike attack take damage. When Nilah strikes an opponent, her attack range and speed are temporarily increased. Her standard attacks will also splash in a cone, doing more harm.

Jubilant Veil

When Nilah envelops herself in mist, she temporarily increases her movement speed, halves the damage done by magic, and is able to avoid any incoming basic strikes. The same perks are given to an ally champion for half as long after touching them and hiding them in the mist.

Legends Formless Blade

Nilah in League of Legends Formless Blade


Nilah dashes across a target unit, doing damage to any foes she encounters. Two units of Slipstream can be stored in Nilah at once. During Slipstream, Nilah can use (Q) Formless Blade to draw a wave into her path, delivering damage and triggering her empowered strikes.


With a final burst, Nilah swings her weapon in a circle around her, damaging adversaries and drawing them in. By turning Nilah’s exceptional healing into a shield, this damage cures her for a fraction of the harm she has taken. Allies close will share in the healing and shielding, which increases with critical strike probability.

League of Legends Nilah

League of Legends Nilah Character Design

League of Legends Nilah Inspiration

Lead gameplay designer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles stated that one of the goals for Nilah was to “build a champion that was developed for that position from the ground up for people who wanted something more different, given how popular skirmishers like Yasuo who are not native to the lane are. Nilah heavily blends South Asian culture into its themes.

Reav3 claims that in recent years, the organization has made cultural diversity on the League roster a “major focus.” The crew reported that they were initially excited about this urumi water whip. Once they realized that the team was pushing toward doing something with a South Asian influence, they began searching for ideas.

Although Reav3 claims that the company incorporates fantasy elements to create something that is more Runeterran, Nilah’s name organically derives from those cultural influences. And that’s all we currently know about Nilah. We are eager to see how Nilah performs in the current environment as the release date for League of Legends Nilah approaches. We can think she will be immensely powerful if she can get up close and personal with her victim, especially with League’s champions being more resilient than before.

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