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How to Watch Flipped? Streaming Guide for The 2010 Movie

Where to Watch Flipped

Flipped was released in 2010 but made a firm place in the heart of all the watchers. If you are into romantic coming-of-age films, then this is the right choice for you. Recently, Netflix removed the film from their platform. Thus, we shall explore all the services that will provide us with a legal way to watch the movie. Rob Reiner directed the film. 

The plot is inspired by a book of the same name written by author Wendelin Van Draanen. It shows us the story of two teenagers studying in the eighth grade. They fall for each other even though having opposite personalities and family cultures. The film was a failure at the box office. It was made on a budget of 14 million dollars. Although, it grossed just 4.3 million dollars. As for the reviews, they were not very appreciative or bad. We can say it was all a mixed thing.

The film starts with a little Julie Baker sitting on her front lawn. She spots a new family moving into the house across the street. Julie sees Bryce Loski, a bit about her age, and instantly develops feelings for her. Although Bryce does not share the same sentiments toward Julie. Soon when they are in the eighth grade, Julie is still smothered with Bryce.

In order to avoid her, Bryce starts dating Sherry Stalls, the most popular girl in their batch. Soon, Sherry dumps him when she gets to know about the real reason he is dating her. There is a sycamore tree in their neighborhood that Julie loves. Although, the new folks living at the house want it cut down. The local paper covers all about Julie’s endeavors as she sits on the tree and does not let it get cut. Ultimately her father convinces her to get down.

Where to Watch Flipped 2010 Movie

Julie Baker giving eggs from her yard to Bryce Loski in Flipped

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Where to Watch Flipped 2010 Movie


Netflix used to stream Flipped until last year. Although, it is not available to watch on the platform right now. Instead, people can find other related movies, such as The Twilight Saga.

Amazon Prime Video

Yes, Flipped is available on Amazon Prime Video right now. It can be rented in HD for just 3.99 dollars. If you wish to buy the film, it is available for 12.99 dollars.

Google Play

Flipped is available on Google Play On-Demand. Fans can rent the film in HD for 3.99 dollars.


Vudu allows the fans to watch Flipped on its platform. You can rent the story for 3.99 dollars and stream it in HD.

Apple TV

Digitally, you can also get Flipped through Apple TV for a very low cost.


In the movie, we see that Julie starts raising chickens in her backyard for a school project. Soon, they start laying fresh eggs. Thus, she starts selling them around the neighborhood and gets a decent income. Although, she gives the eggs to Bryce for free as a kind gesture. Well, her heart is broken when she finds out that Bryce has been throwing the eggs away because his father fears they may contain salmonella. It is because of the condition that Julie’s yard is in. This makes her embarrassed, and she fixes it up.

Bryce’s grandfather also helps Julie and says that she reminds him of his late wife. When Bryce’s father criticizes them for not taking care of their property, Chet discloses that it is rented. He also tells that most of their income goes to taking care of Julie’s uncle, who is mentally unstable. Chet plays a very important role here. He asks Bryce to be more open-minded about life and appreciates Julie while taking a walk with his grandson. He also tells Julie, while fixing her garden, that she should open her perspective even more.

This makes her realize that she does not like Bryce any longer. Although, Bryce develops feelings for her now. Julie confronts Bryce about not defending her while his friend was bad-mouthing her and his uncle and calls him a coward. After a successful dinner at their house, she apologizes for her behavior and makes it clear that she feels nothing towards Bryce.

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