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Are Jake And Vienna Still Together? The Bachelor Couple

Are jake and vienna still together
Are jake and vienna still together?

Are Jake and Vienna still together? As pilot Jake Pavelka came into the limelight after he was introduced as the lead on season 14 of The Bachelor back in 2010. Jake Pavelka has a few television stunts after The Bachelor, which includes a cameo account to connect with fans as he shared all of his reality TV experience.

Jake later had a small reunion with The Bachelor family when he met a few stars in Las Vegas for a slot machine unveiling. However, Jake Pavelka largely stayed away from the media limelight after a public relationship with Vienna Girardi.

As Jake chose Vienna Girardi at the end of the season, it was a happy ending story for the two. Later, the pair again managed to make headlines, but things did not quite properly as expected! What happened? Are jake and vienna still together? 

Are Jake And Vienna Still Together?

Jake and Vienna are not together. Jake Pavelka, who was introduced as a pilot from Denton, Texas, started his fairy tale love story after he chose Girardi over fellow finalist Tenley Molzahn. Vienna Girardi was also equally excited about the relationship as she gushed about Pavelka, saying that he is the man she always wanted, and described the ending as somewhat of a fairy tale she thought she would never have.

jake and vienna still together

Are Jake and Vienna still together?

However, it seems like the love story was short-lived after all, as the pair had a rather bitter split just a few months later.  As the pair parted ways shortly after the show was wrapped up, Vienna called Pavelka out while calling him a fame w***e.

Vienna inspired that she chose to open up about it all so that fans get to hear her side of the story as well. Jake Pavelka soon responded and revealed that Girardi constantly interrupted him when he talked and that she felt everything that he did wrong.

Girardi pointed out that Jake rather needs a woman whom he can control while stating that what he needs is a perfect girl who says nothing and does everything, while further calling Pavelka a child.

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What Did Jake and Vienna Say About Their Split?

It seems like the post-split drama got all the messier after Jake Pavelka claimed that their relationship had started to become tumultuous after he was not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Vienna Girardi also said her side of the story, saying that things became bitter after a month, and when they were at home, it became rather lonely. Vienna admitted that she just wanted him to be around her and talk to her and kiss her like in any other normal relationship.

Vienna went on to explain that her impression was that Jake was a pilot and that they would go back to Dallas and live a normal life. Girardi also admitted that Jake’s stint on Dancing With the Stars did hurt their relationship even further as Jake never acknowledged Vienna. Jake soon countered these claims by saying that they were never together, ever, throughout the whole thing and that Vienna was excited because he put her on TV.

Where is Jake Pavelka now?

While Jake Pavelka found love as the lead on season 14 of The Bachelor back in 2010, it did not quite work out for the two, as the couple broke up a few months after the show finished airing.

Are jake and vienna still together

Jake and Vienna

Jake Pavelka continued to be a part of the television industry as he later appeared on season two of Bachelor Pad for a second chance to find love and a prize, but sadly he was eliminated pretty early on the show.

Jake later took part in a culinary-based reality show called Famous Food as viewers saw celebrities opening their restaurants in Hollywood while the panelist would decide who has what it takes to keep a stake in the business.

Jake was also seen on the reality TV series called H8R and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. Jake showed her humorous side as he starred as a man named Jeff in Burning Love, which was a parody of The Bachelor franchise.

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