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One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7 & 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

one hundred won butler episode 7&8: Release Date Credit to: MBC

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7 & 8 Release Date and Time are highly anticipated by most of the fans. They have curiously wanted to know when the One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7&8 Release Date is. We have gathered all the information about the Episodes.

Before Jumping into unveiling the Release Date and time, here is a quick summary of the show’s premise. This drama is created by Director Shim So Yeon and directed by Lee Seon Hye. This drama is expected to have 16 episodes.  But only six episodes of the newest South Korean drama, One Hundred Won Butler, have so far been shown.

The female lead of this drama, Lee Hye Ri, is a South Korean actress, singer, and television personality. She gained fame for her leading role in the 2015 television drama “Reply 1988”.

After this, her dramas like Record of Youth and My Roommate is a Gumiho became so popular internationally, resulting in her success in Korean Drama Industry. After the release of One Hundred Won Butler with Lee Jun-young, who is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actor, the show has become a good topic to discuss among all k-drama fans. 


one hundred won butler episode 7&8: Release Date
Credit to: MBC

Baek Dong Ju is a funeral director who has a special ability in which she can talk to dead people. Baek Dong Ju has to fulfill their last wish. If she doesn’t grant their wishes, her day becomes filled with all kinds of trouble and bad luck. She doesn’t have any way other than listening to their wishes and fulfilling them.

She does it with the help of Kim Jib Sa. Kim Jib Sa is an employee at ‘Ildangbaek’. The errand service center ‘Ildangbaek’ provides service for every little thing. Kim Jib Sa does his best to satisfy his clients, even if it is a small work like changing light bulbs.

The Story So Far On The One Hundred Won Butler 

In episode 6, we see that Baek Dong Ju’s friend’s grandmother dies. With whom she was so close. Baek Dong Ju doesn’t have her mother. The motherly affection she used to receive from her friend’s grandmother also ended with her death. Listening to the news, she does not wait a minute before going off to the funeral house. Outside the funeral house, Kim Tae Hee was standing while waiting for Back Dong Ju to come back. At that moment, his Ex-girlfriend was passing by and happened to see him.

The next day, Back Dong Ju and Kim Tae Hee attend the Grandmother’s cremation ceremony. Where she gates one final chance to talk with grandma. She sent her off after talking her heart out. Before her soul departs, she speaks beautifully about love as well as the need for it in our life,” Love is an amazing feeling. There’s nothing better than that in this world. When it’s hard and tiring, you bring out the memories to endure for the rest of your life.” 


one hundred won butler episode 7&8: Release Date
Credit to: MBC

The next morning, Baek Dong Ju and Kim Tae Hee had an appointment. But due to some reason, the appointment got canceled. Instead of returning home, they ended up watching movies and Playing games. Their Love was finally booming until Kim Tae Hee’s Ex-girlfriend appeared in front of them. To know what happens next, don’t forget to watch One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7 & 8.

All About The Cast Of One Hundred Won Butler

The cast of this South Korean Television Series includes Lee Hye Ri as Baek Dong Joo, Lee Jun Young as Butler Kim(Kim Tae Hee), Song Deok Ho as Seo Hae Ahn, Tae In Ho as Im Il Sub, Lee Kyu Han as Vincent/ Lee Hyang Bok and Oh Dae Hwan as Michael. 

One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7&8 Release Date

One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7&8 Release Date is November 16, 2022, respectively. This will air on the famous south Korean entertainment channel MBC at 9:50 pm KST in Korea. International viewers can stream it on the following dates and times:

• Singapore Standard Time: 8:50 pm (November 16&17, 2022)

• Philippines Standard time: 8:50 pm (November 16&17, 2022)

• Japanese Standard Time: 9:50 pm. (November 16&17, 2022)

• British Summer Time: 1:50 pm (November 16&17, 2022)

• Indian Standard Time: 6:20 pm (November 16&17, 2022)

• Pacific Standard Time: 5:50 am. (November 16&17, 2022)

• Eastern Standard Time: 8:50 am. (November 16&17, 2022)

One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7 & 8: How to Watch

Officially, the One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7&8 is set to release on November 16 and 17, 2022, at 9.00 pm KST on the popular south Korean entertainment channel MBC. International fans can Watch the Show on Viki. Set your calendar, and Don’t forget to watch One Hundred Won Butler Episode 7 & 8 on the Streaming Channel mentioned above.

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