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How To Fight Chapter 157 Release Date: Hangang And The Punk Teacher

How To Fight Chapter 157
How To Fight Chapter 157

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

How To Fight Chapter 157 reveals the mystery behind the Ganster Academy. Hobin has been enrolled in the Gangster Academy, where he identifies himself as Hangang Yoon. He has passed all the previous tests that made him and Gung get promoted to the Elite class, where he battled with the tattooed guy. We also see the chubby ponytail punk clashing with the long brown-haired punk.

However, the duel between the chubby ponytail and the long brown-haired punk ended with a draw, but the chubby ponytail punk proved that he had the upper hand. The chubby ponytail pun was revealed to be Babgai. Babgai showed that he is just a fat punk but a chubby ponytail punk who someone can rely on in battle. 

Pyeong-Oh was revealed to be the long brown-0haired punk who also proved to belong to the Elite class. The academy director was impressed and realized that the likes of Hongang Yo and the others belonged to be in the Elite. He is glad that the Elite class is not filled with a bunch of losers. But he stopped the battle since Hangang, and the other Elite class members had proved that they would get a Gangstar’s degree. 

After the scores had been settled from both sides, the academy director revealed that Hangang Yo, Pyeong, Babgai, Gung, and the other two Elite class members were worthy of becoming gangsters by the end of the semester. He was excited that the boys showed great performance during the classwork; they didn’t have to write in the book but demonstrated it by fighting. 

Punk Teacher

The Punk Teacher

As the chapter continues, Gung meets with a cocky guy who asks about the academy director’s office. Gung was surprised since he had never seen a guy wearing a suit at school and wondered who the hell is this cocky guy. Hangang came from the bathroom and heard a cocky guy talking with Gung. 

Previously on How To Fight Chapter 156

The cocky guy asks Gung to show him the academy director’s office, and he even tries to intimidate him. Hangang Yo reaches the two, and the cocky guy reveals that he has business with Hangang since Hangang and Gung must answer a few questions. Gung realizes that he is talking to Mr. Seo Haesoo, who asks if they are cops who invaded the Gangstar academy.

But Hangang realizes that he cannot hear Gung and Mr. Seo and wonders what is happening. The punk teacher arrives and reminds Hangang about the announcement. The punk teacher wonders if Hangang didn’t hear the announcement and asks him what he is doing place like this.

Hangang realizes that the punk teacher is the type of guy who punishes you if you beat around the bush when giving the answers. The punk teacher reminds Hangang about the gathering in the courtyard and that it does not matter that Hangang Yo is part of the Elite class. Hangang realizes that the punk teacher is the real deal and must avoid trouble so he won’t look suspicious.

Hangang and Gung decided to leave, and the way Gung revealed about the guest looking for the academy’s director’s office. But what Gung and the guest talked about was revealed. Hangang wonders what Gung and the cocky guy talked about, but Gung reveals that the coky guest was just the general director’s guest.

How To Fight Chapter 157

Hangan Yo

Hangang realizes that they have physical training and wonders if the cocky guest has come for that. We saw the cocky guest heading toward the academy director’s office sometime later. He addicts that kids are smart and also talked about the “Gangster Training Facility.” The cocky guest met the academy director and talked about the mystery behind the Gangster Academy.

How To Fight Chapter 157 Release Date

How To Fight Chapter 157 will be released on 20 November 2022. The cocky guest was offered a coffee, but he refused since he is not the type of guy who drinks coffee in hot weather. The academy director reveals that he has enjoyed drinking coffee since his student days and will never get tired of drinking it. Check out How To Fight Chapter 157 updates below. 

Read How To Fight Chapter 157 Online – Raw Details

You can read How To Fight Chapter 157 online on the official websites. The academy director and the cocky guest talk about the business. They reveal the rebuilt new international branch and the cocky guy ads that they want to buy the entire scholarship class. Later at night, Hobin faces the worst test when he has to stab one of the students to prove that he is a gangster or he wil fail the test. Let’s meet after How To Fight Chapter 157 is released. 

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