Who Does Huck End Up With In Scandal?

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Huck scandal death
Huck from Scandal. (Credits: ABC)

Who does Huck end up in a scandal? That is what the fans of the show are willing to know about! People enjoy good television shows that make them tremble with excitement and anticipation. Many people are motivated to keep watching by the excitement of waiting and wondering what will happen next.

That is what makes a good show truly great. A show’s popularity can be determined by how well its premise has captivated its viewers, and the well-known American television network ABC is fairly adept at producing such a series.

For a very long time, the ABC Network has been a major source of excellent and high-quality entertainment. The television network is adored by Americans, and a sizable international audience also enjoys it for providing entertaining shows.

The TV series referred to as “Scandal” holds one of the most important spots on that list of the best shows. ABC Network has reached its zenith thanks to the various flagship episodes that it telecasts. TV shows that don’t drag and dull the modern audience are in high demand. They require something thrilling that will pique their interest in the impending events. This is precisely what Scandal offers.

One of the most popular political thrillers in all of America, The Scandal, has a steadily increasing viewership. The program first debuted in 2012 and ran until 2018.

The program featured a total of seven seasons and 124 episodes, each running for almost an hour. Scandal, which was developed by Shonda Rhimes and a number of well-known producers, quickly rose to the top of viewers’ lists of all time on American television. As Scandal developed from season to season, it gained popularity.

Numerous fans praised and welcomed the plot and method of execution, and the casting met their expectations, making the program more endearing.

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What is the premise of Scandal?

The drama “Scandal” centers on a professional crisis manager, her dysfunctional employees, and their daily lives and jobs. Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), previously the media relations adviser to the President, devotes her life to preserving and maintaining the public perceptions of our country’s elite.

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Huck scandal ending
A still from the show. (Credits: ABC)

The power consultant started her own business after leaving the White House in an attempt to begin a new chapter in both her professional and personal lives, but she is unable to fully let go of the past.

It gradually becomes clear that her team, who are experts at healing other people’s lives, can’t exactly fix the lives that are there in front of them, namely their own.

Who is Huck on Scandal?

Diego Muoz, often known as Huck, is an employee of Olivia Pope & Associates’ emergency management team. Huck was a former assassin and black ops agent with the CIA’s B613, its top-secret section.

Huck scandal wife
A still from the show. (Credits: ABC)

He has a son named Javi with Kim, to whom he was previously married. The very intelligent Huck decides to pledge his devotion solely to Olivia. He will gladly go far to safeguard her or Pope’s coworkers as well.

Huck is a highly skilled and severely injured covert spy. He is an experienced spy and skilled hacker who has a known propensity for taking extreme steps—the most extreme means. But he’s making a lot of effort to behave well.

Who does Huck end up with?

Huck ended up marrying Kim. Immediately after Huck began working for B613, Kim discovered she was pregnant, and they were married and bought a house. He made the decision to marry and have children despite being aware that he was not supposed to do so since he loved Kim.

Charlie visited the couple shortly after their son Javi was born and reminded Huck of the guidelines B613 workers had to follow. Huck made Kim and Javi pack up because he needed to get them away from Command and B613.

However, before he could depart with them, B613 kidnapped him and kept him in the “hole” until he started to think Kim and Javi were nothing more than figments of his own imagination.

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Scandal cast
A still from the show. (Credits: ABC)

After leaving B613 and meeting Olivia, he later encountered Kim and Javi at a subway station. Years after first spotting them on the train platform, he finally saw them after Quinn tracked them down, but he ultimately came to the conclusion that they were better off without him.

It’s unclear whether Kim and Huck got a divorce, whether she preserved his last name (Muoz), or whether she had Huck declared deceased under his real name, Diego Muoz.

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