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Who Is Sarah Polley’s Partner? The Ramona Actress’ Personal Life

David Sandomierski

Want to know about Sarah Polley’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the Ramona actress, who has now turned into a filmmaker. These days, Sarah Polley has been making headlines on the internet, for her biggest achievement. Guess, what? Yes, you are right. She has won Oscar, for the very first time, for her work, Women Talking. Following this, her fans have been lately wondering if Sarah Polley’s personal life is this much happening. Well, that takes the discussion toward her love interest, for sure. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Sarah Polley’s prominence. 

After winning an Oscar, Sarah Polley surely doesn’t need any introduction as such. Still, to the newbies, Sarah is a former actress and now serves as the director and producer. Some of her notable works include Love Come Down, This Might Be Good, Trigger, The Secret Life of Words, The Hidden Room, Slings & Arrows, I Shout Love, A Better Man, Hey Lady!, and Alias Grace. 

Talking more about Sarah Polley, who hails from Toronto, Ontario. Born in 1979, Sarah is now 44 years old and has achieved a lot, in her professional field, so far. 

Coming back to Sarah Polley’s personal life, she was previously married once. With whom? Well, he was David Wharnsby, who is a professional film editor. Their marriage lasted for five years, and they divorced in 2008.

Who Is Sarah Polley's Partner

Sarah Polley

But, one should always give a second chance to his or her life. Following that, Sarah Polley again fell in love and got married. Guess, what? Since then, Sarah and her husband, have both been doing great, being by each others’ side, always. If you are looking for who Sarah Polley’s partner is, here are your answers. 

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Meet Sarah Polley’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, more precisely her second husband, Sarah Polley’s partner is David Sandomierski. Surprisingly, both of her husbands share the same name. Yes, the first one, of course. It’s all good! 

You must be wondering about the identity of Sarah Polley’s partner, David Sandomierski. Well, he is not in any way related to the film industry. It was on 23 August 2011, when Sarah and David tied the knot. The filmmaker described her wedding as “the best wedding with good food.” At that time, he was working on his SJD degree at the University of Toronto. In case you don’t know, it’s related to law. With him, Sarah Polley shares three children. More precisely, they are two daughters (one is named Eve) and a son. 

Who Is Sarah Polley's Partner

Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski

What’s more about their relationship? Well, it’s reported that Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski dated for a couple of years, before getting hitched. He has always been understanding, loving, and caring towards his wife, Sarah. Also, David was there with her, at the 95th Academy Awards, to support and cheer her. 

Sarah Polley’s partner, David Sandomierski has always preferred to keep him away from the spotlight, despite marrying a celebrity. So, not much is known about him except a few. David is reported to have worked as a Parliamentary Intern, back in 2002. In addition to this, he also served as the Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada. 

Who Is Sarah Polley's Partner

Sarah Polley’s winning moment at the Oscars 2023

Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski have been a lovely yet a bit goofy couple. Looking at how they appear, it seems like they are still madly in love with each other. That sounds so blissful! Besides maintaining their respective professional works, both are indeed very good parents. They try to keep their young kids away from the media’s attention. 

Best Wishes to Sarah Polley for the upcoming days of her life. We are hopeful that we will be seeing her winning more, in the future. Concerning Oscar, it’s just the beginning for her. Make sure you follow Sarah Polley on her Instagram account for more updates. Also, we hope that her marriage with David stays strong forever like this. 

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