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Is Maddie On 911 Pregnant In Real Life?

Fans are showing concerns if Maddie on 911 is pregnant in real life. Well, the character has been portrayed by the renowned actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. This also calls for the discussion of her love life. Before getting into this, let’s have a look at her popularity and also a bit about her 911 character. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt, that is Maddie on 911 has played numerous roles, both in films and on television. Some of her acting credits include- The Truth About Love, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, The Suburbans, Kids Incorporated, Shaky Ground, The Byrds of Paradise, Party Of Five, Time of Your Life, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, and many more. 

Talking about her character, Maddie Buckley Kendall is Evan’s and Daniel’s sister and is professionally a well-trained nurse. Once she relocates to Los Angeles, she becomes a 911 operator at the service center. She makes her debut in Season 2 Episode 1, and since then, she is doing wonders, achieving a lot of fame. 

In 911, Maddie’s relationship with Howard Han is enjoyed quite a lot by the viewers. They even welcomed their daughter, naming her Jee-Yun. Also, in Season 5, Jennifer didn’t appear for quite some time, making the fans wonder if her baby bump on 911 was real. Is Maddie on 911 pregnant in real life too? 

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Is Maddie On 911 Pregnant In Real Life? The Rumors Debunked

Talking about her absence in Season 5, Jennifer Hewitt was on maternity leave at that time. She soon welcomed her third child, with her husband, Brian Hallisay, last year. But, what’s up with her at present? Is she expecting another child at present? 

Is Maddie on 911 Pregnant in real life

Jennifer Hewitt as Maddie on 911

No. Maddie on 911 isn’t pregnant as of now. It was in September 2021 when she gave birth to her third child. At that time, she was on leave for quite a long time, busy spending time with her family. But, at present, she appears to be focused on her work and doesn’t own any baby bump. That is very much proving the rumors and suspections of her fourth-time pregnancy false. We wonder, what started and even fueled these rumors. But, Jennifer hasn’t reacted to these fake rumors in any way. It shows how much disinterested she is and is pretty much happy with her husband and three kids. 

We would be happier if Jennifer Hewitt’s fourth-time pregnancy rumors turned out to be true. But, it’s fine to see her focusing on her family and work with loads of dedication. Best wishes to her! Sending loads of love to her children. We are looking forward to seeing what happens next on 911. 

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