The Starry Love Episode 25 & 26: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

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The Starry Love
The Starry Love

Chinese historical dramas are very fascinating to watch on your free day, isn’t it? Like the visual, aesthetic, graphics and above all the story line, everything seems very perfect to watch. In the series of such magical Chinese historical drama contains one name “The Starry Love”. The romance-fantasy drama is adapted from the novel named “Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang” which is written by “Yi Du Jun Hua”. This is known as the part three of previous two parts named “Ashes of Love” and “Skate Into Love”. 

The drama has very alternate names that includes “Love When the Stars Fall” and ” Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang”. The drama was screen-written by Ma Jia while it was directed by Chu Yui Bun. The drama was first aired on 16 February 2023 and will continue to air till 11 March, 2023. The series has 40 episode in total. The drama is safe to watch for audience who are 13 years and above and is connected to networks like JSTV, Youku, ZJTV. Currently the drama has score board ranging in between of 7.5-8/10. It is expected that with upcoming episode the score will escalate even more. 

The-Starry-Love (Credits: Newhanfu)

It is the time to know the synopsis of the drama. The story revolves in the setup of fantasy world set in Chinese history. Here the in the drama the highness of the human tribe had 2 twin babies, the beautiful pair of twin sisters, Older sister’s name is Qing Kui whereas younger iis known as Ye Tan. Both sisters are beautiful but older sister Qing Kui is more gentle as well kind while the younger one is a smart and cunning in personality. Ye Tan’s smartness is heavily resented by her own people hence she is less preferred by her race people. 

Both sisters are betrothed to two princes of opposite realms. While Qing Kui is betrothed to the prince of the heaven then Ye Tan is engaged with the demon price himself. But the tables are turned here due to  some confusion and mix-up both sisters are married to each other’s groom instead of marrying their betrothed. 

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Now, the drama moves towards the journey of these two mixed matched couples. What seems like a misunderstanding is now converting into beautiful love story of two extra-ordinary couple. Ye Tan with Prince of Heaven Xuan Shang Jun and Qing Kui with Demon prince Chao Feng. Along with the loving scenarios of the couple, it is predicted that conspiracies behind their backs that can stir up the four realms and can create chaos. Will these sisters be able to maintain and establish peace in the realms?

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The Starry Love Episode 23 & 24: Recap

Up until now we are well aware of the fact that now the happy days are over and the sisters need to deal with the realm issues created within. But the episode 23 took a turn to comedy plot where we can see Wenren getting punished by the women he flirted with. He even got tightened by a belt on his waist which grips his body whenever he flirts. 

The Starry Love (Credits: Youku))
The Starry Love (Credits: Youku))

Apart from this Ye Tan is showed manipulating the people in demon realm in order to save her sister’s life. On the other side Qing Kui seems to organize a stage performance for the people of the realm, meanwhile Xuan Shang Jun discovers some truth behind the earpiece of Qing that helps in listening words even so people are far away. Here during the fest a happening happened to Qing, will she be able to save from it or something worse is waiting for her. 

The Starry Love Episode 25 & 26: Release Date

The Starry Love Episode 25 & 26 release date is set on 2nd March, 2023. The date falls on Thursday of the month. Both episode 25 and 26th will be aired on the same day. The audience around the world can watch the show in various time-zones including pm 7:30 pm CST, 5:00 pm IST, 6:00 am EST,  and 8:30 pm KST. The show premiers everyday of the week on 7:30 pm CST. 

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The Starry Love Episode 25 & 26: Where to Watch

The Starry Love Episode 25 & 26 will be available to watch on various platforms like Viki and Youku. Viewers from international base can access these episodes on these platforms with subscriptions and can enjoy the show on the mentioned time zones. In order to watch the show on Viki you need to take the subscription of $4.99, even though you can watch some episodes for free. Where as for Youku, you need to add subscription in order to watch the series. You can watch these shows along with subtitle services, hence avail your subscription and enjoy the drama hassle free.

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